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BUILDING BLOCKS - Gustaf Mabrouk


Hazelnut parfait

  35g glucose
100g water
  84g egg yolks
200g hazelnut paste 100% hazelnuts
  50g Callebaut milk chocolate 823 NV 33,6 %
  50g sugar
  10g hazelnut oil
100g heavy cream 40%
  50g Callebaut pale Gianduja GIA 75%


1. Whisk egg yolks until pale, meanwhile bring the sugar, water and glucose to 105°C
2. Make a pâte à bombe
3. Add hazelnut praline and paste then whisk until cool
4. Whip the heavy cream
5. Fold the cream mixture into the pâte à bombe
6. First pipe a layer of the parfait into the moulded chocolate sphere and then a layer of gianduja. Then a layer of parfait again and then last layer to fill the sphere is the apricot coulis
7. Freeze and spray

Tonkabean Sentenced Milk Chocolate Roll

200g whole milk 3%
  64g water
    2g agar
    4g gelatin
200g Callebaut milk chocolate 823NV 33,6 %
  10g sugar
 0.5g salt
    8g tonka beans


1. Bloom the gelatin for 5 minutes
2. Bring milk, water, sugar, tonka beans and agar to the boil while stirring
3. Add chocolate
4. Let the tonka beans steep in mixture for 5 minutes then strain
5. Add gelatin and stir until combined
6. Pour into the tube mould and let cool completely

Warm chocolate fudge cake

105g butter 82%
  51g sugar
102g Callebaut dark chocolate 70/30/38 NV melted 70,4 %
119g whole eggs


1. Melt butter and sugar
2. Add the melted chocolate and mix until it’s partially combined into the sugar mixture
3. Temper your eggs with the chocolate mixture and mix until the batter is homogenized
4. Pipe the batter into your mould and bake at 180°C for 3 minutes
5. Freeze in a blast freezer

Apricot coulis

240g apricot fruit purée
  25g glucose
  13g water
  13g vodka
    3g agar


1. Bring the agar, water, purée, vodka and glucose to the boil while whisking
2. Pour into a shallow hotel pan and reserve in the fridge until set
3. Once completely set and cool, blend smooth
4. Reserve in the fridge until needed

Dark Chocolate Emulsion

300g Callebaut dark chocolate 70,4 % 70/30/38 NV
500g water


1. Melt the chocolate with water
2. Pour into a beaker
3. Freeze solid
4. Run through in a Paco Jet machine 3 times

Dark chocolate foam

200g Callebaut dark chocolate 70,4 % 70/30/38 NV
150g heavy cream
228g egg whites


1. Place the chocolate and cream in a bowl and melt together in a microwave
2. Temper the egg whites with chocolate mixture and mix until combined
3. Transfer into a siphon and charge with 2 cartridges

Dark Chocolate covered Caramelized Hazelnuts Bits

  40g Callebaut dark chocolate 70,4 % 70-30-38 NV
  60g sugar
125g hazelnut pieces


1. Toast the hazelnuts
2. Add sugar and caramelize until golden brown
3. Add chocolate and stir until the hazelnut pieces are coated with chocolate
4. Spread on parchment paper and let cool


20g hydrated apricot purée


  1. Preserve for plating.



  1. Tie a knot on the milkchocolate roll and place it in the middle of the plate.
  2. Place the hazelnut parfait on the left side of the knot.
  3. Scater some dark chocolate covered hazelnut bits arccoringly.
  4. Place a quenelle of the darkchocolate emulsion on the leftside of the tonka bean sentenced milkchocolate roll.
  5. Place the dark chocolate foam in a chocolate cylinder, 12o’clock.
  6. Pipe 3 dots of the apricot coulis as picture of dessert is showing.
  7. Place the chocolate fudge cakes opposite eachother.
  8. Finally decorate with the hydrated apricot pureé and chocolate ribbon.