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A STRAIGHT LINE - Gustaf Mabrouk



175g sugar
125g heavy cream 40%
110g Baileys liquor
  25g glucose
  60g butter 82%
    3g salt
  80g milk vhocolate Callebaut 823NV 33,6%


1. Start by mixing the heavy cream, glucose and baileys and bring to a boil. Then preserve
2. Caramalize the sugar until golden brown
3. Add the warm heavy cream mixture to the caramalized sugar and gently stir
4. Cook the caramel to 100°C
5. Add the milk chocolate and mix well
6. Add the butter and mix until melted, before finally adding the salt. Let the mixture cool

Coffee Ganache

170g heavy cream
  39g glucose
    3g instant coffee granules
220g Callebaut black chocolate 4805NV 52,5 %
  20g butter 82%


1. Bring the heavy cream, coffee granules and glucose to a boil
2. Pour the mixture over the dark chocolate and emulsify
3. Add the butter and mix well without incorporating too much air into the ganache
4. Preserve and let the ganache pre-crystalize until it reaches 28°C

Cocoa nib Crips

52g cocoa nibs
40g cocoa butter


1. In a spice grinder, grind the nibs until the desired size
2. Melt the cocoa butter and add the nibs into the cocoa butter, then crystalize the mixture
3. With a rolling pin, roll out the mixture between two sheets of paper until you reach a thickness of 1mm
4. Let the sheet set
5. With a cookie cutter, cut our small disks of the cocoa nib crisp and preserve for the assembly

White Color

  25g Callebaut white chocolate W2NV 28 %
200g cocoa butter
  10g titanium dioxide
  22g titanium white paste


1. Mix cocoa butter with titanium dioxide to make the White Chocolate Colour
2. Mix everything together and crystalize

Mocha color

10g Callebaut 826NV 31,7%


  1. Add to white color

Gold Color

40g cocoa butter
  9g gold colour powder
20g Callebaut W2NV white vhocolate 28 %


1. Melt and mix everything together, then crystalize



  1. Temper the chocolate colors and apply them to the mold as desired.
  2. Fill the desired mould with crystalized milk chocolate Callebaut 826 NV.
  3. Let the shell set completely.
  4. With a piping bag fill half of the shell with the butterscotch.
  5. Place the cocoa-nib disk on top of the butterscotch and fill the rest of the shell with the coffee ganache.
  6. Let the bon-bon crystalize fully overnight.
  7. Next day close the bonbons with crystalized milk chocolate Callebaut 826 NV and let it set. Knock the bon-bons out of the mould