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Poisonous Encircle - Michaela Karg

Poisonous Encircle

Elder Flower Caramel

granulated sugar 150g
beurre extra sec 75g
elder flower syrup 150g

Caramelise the sugar, add the butter and the elder flower syrup. Leave to cool to 30°C and fill the form ¼.


Paillette Feuilletine 50g
Prama almond praline 60g
cocoa butter 5g
Java milk chocolate 90g

Mix the paillette feuilletine with the liquid cocoa butter. Add almond praline (Prama) and melted milk chocolate and mix. Roll between two Silpadmats. Cut out and place on top of the caramel.

Dark Tanzanie Ganache

cream 30% 220g
glucose syrup 70g
Tanzanie 75% 200g
butter 50g

Bring to the boil cream and glucose syrup. Pour over the melted chocolate. Mix. Cool to 30°C and mix in butter. Put on the crispy layer. Enclose the praline with Tanzanie chocolate.