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The Toucan - Marijn Coertjens

The Toucan

Sea Salt Caramel

137 g sugar
75 g cream (35%)
12 g glucose DE40
53 g butter
2.5 g Guérande sea salt
¼ Madagascar vanilla bean
0.5 g gelatine powder
2.5 g water
20 g Cacao Barry® dark chocolate couverture Inaya™ 65% cocoa

  1. Hydrate gelatine in water. Caramelise sugar and deglaze with heated mixture of cream, glucose, salt and vanilla.
  2. Mix in gelatine and leave to cool to 50°C. Mix in butter and melted chocolate, and homogenise.

Additional information

2.16% cocoa butter
51.69% sugar
16.29% water
26.24% fat matter
82.87% dry matter
0.7709 aw (water activity)

Yuzu Ganache

65 g cream (35%)
25 g butter
19 g sorbitol powder
25 g yuzu powder
22 g glucose powder
40 g yuzu juice
40 g Cacao Barry® Plantation dark chocolate couverture Madirofolo 65% cocoa
166 g Cacao Barry® milk chocolate couverture Alunga™ 41% cocoa

  1. Melt chocolate and mix it together with sorbitol, glucose and yuzu powder in Thermomix.
  2. Mix and heat cream and butter, and pour over chocolate mixture.
  3. Add heated yuzu juice and mix into homogeneous ganache.

Additional information

17.67% cocoa butter
33.84% sugar
17.61% water
14.21% fat matter
82.38% dry matter
0.8341 aw (water activity)

Yuzu-Sea Salt Crunch

67 g Cacao Barry® white chocolate Zéphyr™ 34% cocoa
5 g oil
10 g yuzu powder
10 g Cacao Barry® Pailleté Feuilletine™
10 g amaranth
0.4 g Guérande sea salt
0.4 g sansho powder
5 g popping candy

  1. Melt chocolate and mix together with all other ingredients.
  2. Roll out until 2 mm thick and cut out shape of the crunch.

Finishing and assembly

  1. Make chocolate shell with Cacao Barry® dark chocolate couverture Extra-Bitter Guayaquil 64% cocoa in 1829CW mould.
  2. Fill one side of mould (3 mm from edge) with salted caramel and place crunch on top.
  3. Fill other side of mould with ganache and leave to set.
  4. Stick mould together and leave to crystallise.

Shelf life: 6 weeks