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Via Lattea - Massimo Carnio

Via Lattea

  1. Melt chocolate at 50°C and temper to 31°C.
  2. Pipe sufficient amount of chocolate to cover whole mould, vibrate mould to remove any air bubbles in chocolate and remove excess chocolate to obtain a thin shell.
  3. Leave to set in refrigerator at 15°C.

Calamondin Gelatine

250 g Fruit'Purée Calamansi Capfruit
35 g sugar
6 g pectin ACEF
325 g sugar
18 g glucose 43DE
3 g citric acid solution

  1. Poach together sugar and pectin in saucepan.
  2. Add Fruit'Purée Calamansi Capfruit.
  3. Safe for citric acid, add all remaining ingredients.
  4. Heat up to 70° Brix, remove from heat and add citric acid.
  5. Pour onto silpat and leave to cool. Mix well with scraper and pipe into chocolate shells.

Earl Grey Filling (Bergamot)

210 g milk
30 g bergamot Earl Grey tea
50 g dextrose
300 g Cacao Barry® white chocolate Blanc Satin™ 29% cocoa
50 g Cacao Barry® cocoa mass Grand Caraque
15 g glucose 43DE
25 g butter
65 g Cacao Barry® Deodorized Cocoa Butter

  1. Heat up milk to 85°C, add Earl Grey tea and leave to infuse for 5 minutes before straining.
  2. Pour into small jug, add sugars, chocolate, cocoa mass and cocoa butter.
  3. Mix well for approx. 3 minutes to obtain shiny texture.
  4. At 29-30°C , pour onto calamondin gelatine.

Orange Crunch

250 g cane sugar
6 g orange zest
3 g ginger

  1. Mix together sugar, orange zest and ginger.
  2. Cover mixture and leave to infuse for 24 hours. Add 40 g of pistachio cremino.

Pistachio Cremino

200 g Cacao Barry® white chocolate Blanc Satin™ 29% cocoa
110 g pistachio paste

  1. Mix together chocolate and pistachio paste, and heat up to 30°C.
  2. Add orange and ginger crunch, and mix well.
  3. Temper to 26°C on the marble and pipe into chocolate shells. Fill shells entirely.

Finishing and assembly:

  1. After piping three different textures into chocolate shells, leave them to cool.
  2. Fill piping bag with Cacao Barry® dark chocolate couverture Extra-Bitter Guayaquil 64% cocoa, close moulds with chocolate and seal them with soft acetate sheets.
  3. Place moulds in refrigerator for 10 minutes, unmould shells and place them on Plexiglas board.
  4. Decorate.