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World finals 2005 Best Dipped Praline - Olivier Vidal

World finals 2005 Best Dipped Praline


Chocolate couverture crunchy hazelnut praline and Menton lemon ganache bonbon.

"With this praline my idea is to bring out the nut fruit of the hazelnut praline and to contrast it with the slightly zingy taste of Menton lemon."

Recipe for approximately 300 bonbons

Piedmont hazelnut praline

house specialty praline 675 g (65% dried fruit) (Piedmont hazelnut)
cacao butter 86 g
Callebaut Excellent 845 milk couverture
50 g
dark Callebaut Grenada couverture 42 g

Mix the cacao butter with the couverture then pour it over the praline in 4 parts.
Keep mixing for 15 minutes.

Piedmont hazelnut pralinette

chopped hazelnut 188 g
sugar 93 g
water 31 g
fresh butter 7 g

Combine sugar with water and cook at 115°C.
Remove from heat, pour hazelnut in the sugar, sand, reheat.
Caramelize then incorporate the butter.
Let cool.
Incorporate 70 g of pralinette into the praline then pour the mass between the 5 mm rulers.
Let crystallize.

Menton lemon Ganache:

cream 120 g
butter 152 g
zest 45 g
yoke 96 g
glucose 28 g
trimoline 14 g
sorbitol 50 g
honey 20 g
lemon juice 100 g
dark Callebaut Grenada coating 336 g
Callebaut Excellent 845 milk coating 132 g
Cacao Barry Extra-Bitter Guayaquil

Place cream, butter and zest in pan
Bring to boil, stir, incorporate lemon juice.
Whip yokes with sugars.
Combine yokes with cream then coat at 83°C.
Let the mixture cool in ice to 23°C.
Melt the couverture at 40°C.
Pour the couverture on the pudding and whip lightly.
Take out the 5 mm rulers replace them with 1.2 cm rulers.
Spread the ganache on the praline.
Let crystallize.
Cut into pieces the next day, then fill the cores with Cacao Barry Extra-Bitter Guayaquil.