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World finals 2005 Best Moulded Praline - Fabrizio Galla

World finals 2005 Best Moulded Praline

Nut Crisp Ganache


Mix the ingredients and put the product in the moulds to make the heart of the praline.

Orange Vanilla Ganache


  • 35% cream 355 g
  • Liquid butter 59 g
  • Vanilla berry 1
  • Grated orange peel 1

At 80 °C spill over:

Spill in the cutter and make the emulsion, take the product to 30 °C and spill in the moulds.

Attach on the half sphere the adhesive, spry with red colour on the mould, spry dioxide with a small brush, spry with dark chocolate chablonne, take away the mould and spry dioxide with aerograph, make the shirt with dark chocolate couverture, insert some orange ganache, next the half crisp sphere and close.