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Germiner - Kouichi Izumi


Coulis de Griotte

griotte puree 190g
sugar 25g
pectin 2g
starch syrup 25g
invert sugar 12g

1. Put every ingredients into pan and boil them for 2 min.
2. Pour 1. to bowl by dropper

Ganache Sicilie

cream 106g
invert sugar 12g
pistachio paste 28g
cinnamon stick 2g
Cacao Barry blanc satin 223g
unsalted butter 50g

1. Add flavor of cinnamon to cream
2. Make ganache by using cinnamon flavored cream and other ingredients.


1. Paint/Spray color to mould and make shell by Cacao Barry excellence in the mould.
2. Put ‘Coulis de Griotte’ into the shell after Piping ‘Ganache Sicilie’ to the shell.
3. Close the shell by Cacao Barry excellence.