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Elixir - Yvonnick Le Maux


Sablé Breton

Salted butter 81g
Icing sugar 52g
Egg yolks 27g
Invert sugar 10g
Buckwheat flour 62g
Starch 12g
Chemical yiest 2,2g

Foam up the salted butter and icing sugar.
Incorporate the yolks, the invert sugar, the buckwheat flour, the starch and the yiest.
Make rectangles of 10x3cm, thickness 3mm.
Bake at 180°C for 6 minutes.

Passion fruit / peperoni coulis

Orange juice 85g
Passion fruit pulp 15g
Sugar 20g
Pectine NH 1,5g
Grilled peppers 60g

Mix the sugar with the pectine.
Boil the orange juice, passion fruit pulp with the sugar-pectine mixture.
Add in the grilled peppers.
Boil up to the half.

'Vino Cacao' wine jelly

"Vin Cacao" wine 60g
Sugar 10g
Agar-agar 1g

Boil the 60g wine with the sugar & agar-agar mixture. Add more wine until a mass of 120g is obtained.

Salted butter caramel

Sugar 103g
Water 33g
Cream 72g
Salt 1,5g
Butter 20g

Make a caramel with water and sugar.
"Décuire" with cream, salt and butter.
Boil again to 102°C.

Passion fruit 'tuile'

Sugar 30g
Butter 12,5g
Flour 7,5g
Passion fruit pulp 7,5g

Mix the sugar, butter, flour and passion fruit pulp.
Pour onto a tray.
Bake at 180°C for 4 minutes.
Unmould the rectangles and make cylinders.

Vanilla & White Chocolate Crémeux

Cream 125g
Glucose 20g
Gelatine 1/2 leaf
Cacao Barry "Blanc Satin" white chocolate 30g
Vanilla 1 pod

Infuse the cream with the vanilla and the glucose.
Add the gelatine.
Emulsify with the white chocolate.
Let cool down.
Allow the mixture to set.

Lime juice

Sugar 50g
Glucose 15g
Lime juice 20g
Coloring QS
Lime extract 2 drops

Make a syrup with lime juice, glucose and sugar.
Boil at 107°C.
Add the sparkling green colouring and the lime extract.

Chocolate Parfait

Milk 62g
Egg yolks 45g
Sugar 57,5g
Cacao Barry "Tanzanie" chocolate 40g
Cream 110g

Blend the milk, egg yolks and sugar at 84°C to make an anglaise.
Emulsify with "Tanzanie" chocolate.
Cool down the mixture.
Incorporate the elements to the cream and allow to set.
Decorate the cylinders and store them in the freezer.

Build-up of the dessert (recipe for 6 plates)

Pour a layer of Passion Fruit/Pepperoni Coulis on each plate.
Place the Sablé Breton on the Coulis.
Pipe a thin line of Salted Butter Caramel in the middle of the Sablé.
Put the Chocolate Parfait on the Caramel.
Add a thin slice of chocolate between the Chocolate Parfait and the Passion Fruit Tuile, garnished with Vanilla and White Chocolate Crémeux.
Finish with a chocolate ring.
At each side, place some Wine Jelly and Lime Juice.