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World finals 2007 Best Dessert - Carmelo Sciampagna

World finals 2007 Best Dessert

Consommé of citrus fruits, passion fruit and cocoa nibs

Water 1375g
Sugar 500g
"Tahiti" vanilla berries 2pcs
Lemon rinds 10g
Callebaut Cocoa Nibs 100g
Grains of black pepper 18pcs
Grains of Coriander 25pcs
Star anise 12g
Lemon juice 13g
Orange juice 16g
Passion fruit flesh 63g

Boil all the ingredients, except for the juices, infuse the cocoa nibs for 15 minutes. Filter, add juices and passion fruit and keep it warm.

Biscuit with chocolate type 'Joconde' and almonds from Avola

Eggs 500g
Icing sugar 370g
Powdered almonds from Avola 380g
Egg white 330g
Sugar 50g
Melted butter 80g
Cocoa powder type Van Houten 22-24 100g
Weak flour 100g

Whisk eggs with icing sugar and powdered almonds.
Whick seperately the egg whites with sugar, add the compound that was previously prepared. Slowly add the melted butter and finally the sieved cocoa and flour.
Spread on a silicone baking tray an bake in the oven at 180°C for 10 minutes.

Crisp with almonds from Avola

Water 100g
Glucose syrup 62DE 30g
Sugar 150g
Weak flour 100g
Powdered almonds from Avola 50g
Butter 100g

Boil water, glucose syrup and sugar, add flour, powdered almonds and finally butter. Spread on a silicone baking tray and bake in the oven at 180°C for 8 minutes.

Crémeux with 'Venezuela' fondant water

Water 125g
Fresh cream 35%fat 200g
Glucose syrup 44DE 50g
Gelatine jelly 160 bloom 2g
Cacao Barry Origine "Venezuela" chocolate 200g

Heat up the water, cream and glucose syrup, add gelatine, that has softened in cold water, and pour this mixture on the Cacao Barry Origine Venezuela chocolate. Emulsify and pour into the moulds, reduce the temperature.

Glazing with milk chocolate and Caramel

Sugar 150g
Glucose syrup 62 DE 150g
Fresh cream, 35% fat 90g
Water 200g
Gelatine jelly 160 bloom 10g
Cacao Barry "Lactée Caramel" milk chocolate 400g

Caramelise the sugar and glucose syrup, de-caramelise with cream and water, add gelatine and pour the whole mixture into the Cacao Barry "Lactée Caramel" chocolate. Emulsify.

Quenelle with forest strawberries without cream

Water 230g
Sugar 270g
Forest strawberries 250g
Gelatine jelly 160 bloom 17g

Boil the water with sugar, add strawberries and boil again. Add the gelatine, that is softened in cold water, and emulsify. Let the mixture freeze and whip it up in the mixer bowl.

Glazing with Van Houten cocoa

Water 550g
Sugar 250g
Glucose 62DE 250g
Fresh cream 35%fat 500g
"Van Houten" cocoa powder 22/24 250g
Gelatine jelly 160 bloom 30g

Boil the water with sugar and glucose. Add cream and the Van Houten cocoa powder and mix well. Cook at 66° brix. Add the gelatine, softened in cold water, and emulsify.

'Tanzanie' chocolate sauce

Water 125g
Glucose syrup 62DE 100g
Fresh cream 35% fat 200g
Cacao Barry Origine "Tanzanie" chocolate 75% 200g

Boil the water, glucose syrup and cream. Pour onto the Cacao Barry Origine "Tanzanie" chocolate and emulsify.

Caramelised mango with 'Tahiti' vanilla

Sugar 140g
Glucose syrup 62DE 70g
Water 175g
Mango pulp 250g
"Tahiti" vanilla berries 4pcs
Mango 200g

Caramelise the sugar with glucose syrup, de-caramelise with water and mango, add vanilla. At the end of the cooking process, add mango, cut into small cubes.