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World finals 2007 Best Pastry - Naomi Mizuno

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World finals 2007 Best Pastry

Ghana Chocolate Mousse

Callebaut Origine Ghana chocolate 300g
Fresh cream 90g
Milk 90g
Sugar 10,5g
Yolk 6p
Fresh cream 375g

Heat the 90g fresh cream with milk, sugar and yolk. Add the Origine Ghana chocolate into mixrure "1" and emulsify them. Add 375g fresh cream into mixture "2" and mix them well. Pour into a mould, diameter 16cm.

Mascarpone cream

Mascarpone cheese 200g
Sugar 25g
Yolk 1p
Molk 15g

Heat the mascarpone cream partially with milk and yolk. Add the rest of the mascarpone cheese and pour into the mould, diameter 15cm.

Creme brûlée au café

Fresh cream 95g
Extracted expresso 38g
Sugar 20g
Yolk 40g
Gelatin 2g

Heat the fresh cream, sugar and yolk. Add the extracted Espresso and gelatin. Pour into the mould, diameter 15cm.

Biscuit joconde noisette

Hazelnut powder 120g
Sugar (1) 45g
Egg 200g
Flour 38g
Butter 25g
Invert sugar 10g
Egg white 115g
Sugar (2) 80g

Make a meringue with Egg white and sugar (beaten to a hard peak). Mix the rest of the ingredients, then mix the meringue into it.
Pour into the mould and bake it at 180°C for 12 minutes.
Cut out with the mould, 15cm, and instill Espresso into it.

Caramelised hazelnuts

Hazelnuts 50g
Sugar 20g

Make a caramel with sugar. Mix the caramel with the roasted hazelnuts and break it into crunchy parts.

Cardamom ganache

Fresh cream 100g
Callebaut Origine Ghana chocolate 100g
Cardamom 7p
Invert sugar 3g
Hazelnut liquor 5cc

Bring the fresh cream and cardamom to a boil and then infuse the flavour to the fresh cream. Pour the cream over the Callebaut Origine Ghana chocolate and emulsify the mixture. Add the hazelnut liquor into the mixture "2". Pour the mixture "3" into the mould, diameter 15cm.

Chocolate Feuilletine

Callebaut W2NV white chocolate 31g
Praline paste 125g
Butter 12g
Callebaut Pailleté Feuilletine 63g

Mix all ingredients.
Pour the mixture onto a sheet tray to make a 3mm thick layer and let it cool down.
Cut out with the mould, 15cm.

Hazelnut biscuit

Egg white 127g
Sugar 37g
Hazelnut powder 105g
Powder sugar 80g
Hazelnut liquor 17g

Make a meringue with egg white and sugar (beaten to a hard peak). Mix the rest of the ingredients, and then mix the meringue into it.
Use a piping bag with piping hole, diameter 10mm, and make a disk diameter 15cm.

Chocolate glaçage

Fresh cream 225g
Callebaut Origine Arriba chocolate 350g
Nappage 150g

Bring the fresh cream to the boil and then pour it over the Callebaut Origine Arriba chocolate. Add the nappage into the mixture "1" and make it 35°C.


Pour the chocolate mousse into a cercle, diameter 16cm. Add (1) a layer of mascarpone cream, (2) a layer of crème brûlée with coffee, (3) a layer of Biscuit joconde noisette, (4) a layer of Caramelised hazelnuts, (5) a layer of Cardamom ganache, (6) a layer of Chocolate Feuilletine and (7) a layer of Hazelnut biscuit.
Let it cool down in the refrigerator and demould the cake. Cover it with chocolate glaçage and decorate it on top.