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Daytona - Carmelo Sciampagna


Biscuit with 'Mexique' chocolate

Egg yolks 300g
Sugar 160g
Invert sugar 40g
Egg white 375g
Sugar 120g
Albumin 2g
Fresh cream 35% fat 160g
Cacao Barry Origine "Mexique" chocolate 66% 180g
Flour 70g
Mais-starch 50g
"Van Houten" cocoa powder 22/24 40g

Whisk the egg-yolks with sugar.
Whisk the egg-whites seperately with sugar and albumin.
Heat the cream and emulsify with the chocolate. Pour a part of the egg-white into the ganache and the remaining part into the egg-yolks.
Add the lightened ganache to the mass and finally add the sieved powders.
Spread on a silicone baking sheet, using a raplet at a thickness of 5mm and put this dough into the oven at a temperature of 210°C for 9 minutes.

Crisp of Piemonte hazelnuts and citrus fruits

Cacao Barry Origine "Ghana" milk chocolate 40,5% 130g
Paste of Piemonte I.G.P. hazelnuts 100g
Hazelnut praliné 100g
Crisp of Piemonte hazelnuts 180g
Citrus fruits streusel 120g
Pink salt from the Himalaya 3g

Temper the milk chocolate, add hazelnut praliné, the crisp, citrus fruit streusel, and salt.
Mix well and make discs with a thickness of 5mm, diameter 10cm and let crystallize.

Piemonte hazelnuts crisp

Flour 50g
Ground Piemonte IGP hazelnuts 150g
Baumé sugar syrup 30° 200g
Egg white 30g

Mix all ingredients and roll out the dough thinly on a silicone sheet. Bake at 160°C for 15 minutes.
Let chill and mash to matchwood.

30° Baumé sugar syrup

Water 1L
Sugar 1272g

Heat the water and melt the sugar. Bring to the temperature of 90°C.
Let chill.

Avola almond milk

Sweet Avola almonds 80g
Bitter Avola almonds 7g
Sugar 160g
Glucose syrup 42 DE 8g
Cinnamon powder 1g
Almond paste 90g
Water 410g

Grind and pass through a refiner all ingredients except for almond paste and water, cover with a transparant film and let the mixture in the frigde for a night.
Mix almond paste with water, filter and let in fridge for 8 hours.

Citrus fruis streusel

Butter 225g
Lemon peel 1g
Pink grapefruit peel 1g
Orange peel 1g
"Tahiti" vanilla berry 1pc
Sugar 110g
Weak flour 280g
Ground Avola almonds 140g
Pink salt 3g
Cacao Barry "Mycryo" cocoa butter in powder 10g

Soften the butter in the mixer bowl, together with flavours and sugar, add powders and salt. Mix well and let cool down.
Sift the dough in a riddle and bake in the oven at 155°C for 15 minutes.
Out of the oven, dredge with Mycryo.

Cream of white chocolate and Avola almond milk

Egg yolks 50g
Sugar 70g
Fresh whole milk 50g
Avola almond milk 50g
Gelatine jelly 160 bloom 5,5g
Fresh cream 35% fat 250g
Callebaut W2NV white chocolate 110g

Beat the egg yolks with sugar, heat the milk and almond milk and add them to the egg yolks. Bring to 85°C to become and English cream.
Add the gelatine, softened in cold water, and pour into the Callebaut W2NV white chocolate. Emulsify.
Add whipped cream and pour into the cake filling, 3 layers of 40g each.

Citrus fruit cream

Eggs 200g
Sugar 150g
Lemon juice 50g
Orange juice 100g
Pink grapefruit juice 35g
"Tahiti" vanilla berry 1/2pc
Gelatine jelly 160 bloom 6g
Fresh butter 100g

Beat the eggs, heat up juices together with the vanilla berry, add eggs ans proceed as it was an English cream (85°C).
Add gelatine, softened in cold water, and emulsify.
At 40°C, add butter as it was a cream and keep on emulsifying.
Pour 2 layers of 50g each into the cake filling.

Coulis of raspberries and passion fruit

Raspberries 140g
Passion fruit 140g
Sugar 42g
Gelatine jelly 160 bloom 5g

Boil the fruit with sugar, add the gelatine, softened in cold water.
Pour 2 layers of 12g into the cake filling.

English cream

Egg yolks 225g
Sugar 115g
Fresh cream 35% fat 300g
Fresh whole milk 450g

Beat the egg-yolks with sugar, heat up the cream with the milk and pour them on the egg-yolks. Bring the temperature to 85°C and finally pass the compound though a strainer.

Crémeux with milk chocolate and Piemonte hazelnuts

English cream 340g
Callebaut milk chocolate "Arriba" 39% 200g
Paste of Piemonte IGP hazelnuts 50g
Gelatine jelly 160 bloom 3,5g

Pour the English cream into the milk chocolate that is mixed with the Piemonte hazelnut paste. Add the gelatine, softened in cold water, and emulsify. Pour a layer of 100g into the cake filling.

Mousse of 'Saint Domingue' chocolate

English cream 330g
Cacao Barry Origine "Saint Domingue" chocolate 70% 300g
Fresh cream 35% fat 450g

Pour the English cream into the chocolate and emulsify, add lucid whipped cream and pour a layer of 50g into the cake filling and one of 310g into the cake mould.

Glaze with 'Van Houten' cocoa powder

Water 550g
Sugar 250g
Glucose 62DE 250g
Fresh cream 35% fat 500g
"Van Houten" cocoa powder 22/24 250g
Gelatine jelly 160 bloom 30g

Boil the water with sugar and glucose. Add cream and cocoa powder and mix well. Cook at 66° brix.
Add gelatine, already softened in water, and emulsify.


Cake filling dimensions : diameter of 10cm & height of 8cm, upside-down mounting :
- Insert a disc of "biscuit with "Mexique" chocolate" on the bottom
- Pour a layer of both.
- Pour a layer of 12g of "raspberry and passion fruit ganache" on, and freeze.
- Pour a layer of 50g of "citrus fruit cream" on, and freeze.
- Again, another layer of 40g of "cream with white chocolate and Almond milk" on it, and freeze.
- Another layer of 12g of "raspberry and passion fruit ganache" , and freeze.
- Another layer of 50g of "citrus fruit cream", and freeze.
- A third layer of 40g of "cream with white chocolate and Almond milk", and freeze.
- Place over it a disc of "biscuit with "Mexique" chocolate"
- Then a layer of 100g of "Crémeux with white chocolate and Avola almond milk".
- Another disc of "biscuit with "Mexique" chocolate", and freeze.
- Pour a layer of 50g of "mousse with "Saint Domingue" chocolate"
- Complete the cake filling with a disc of "biscuit with "Mexique" chocolate" and a disc of "Crisp with Piemonte hazelnuts and citrus fruits", and freeze.

Cake mould dimensions : diameter around 12cm and height 8,5cm, upside-down mounting :
- Pour a layer of 310g of "mousse of "Saint Domingue" chocolate"
- carefully insert the cake filling & freeze
- Ice with cocoa glazing and decorate.