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Drop - Naomi Mizuno

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Apricot 'pâte de fruits'

Apricot puree 100g
Fresh apricot 100g
Pectin 5g
Sugar 220g
Glucose 20g
Citric acid 5g
Mineral water 5g

Melt citric acid in mineral water (mixture 1).
Heat all other ingredients to 106°C (mixture 2).
Add mixture 1 to mixture 2, and spread it on the sheet to make a thin layer.

Apricot ganache

Apricot puree 40g
Fresh apricot 40g
Fresh cream 297g
Apricot brandy 48g
Invert sugar 47g
Callebaut Origine Arriba chocolate 752g

Boil fresh cream with invert sugar and apricot puree together (mixture 1).
Add Callebaut Origine Arriba chocolate into this and mix well (mixture 2).
Add Apricot brandy.

Chocolate for dipping

Callebaut Origine Arriba chocolate
Rock salt
Powdery salt


Divide the apricot "pâte de fruits" into 3 portions and make a thin layer on the sheet.
Put a 5mm-high- mould on it and pour Apricot ganache into it. Repeat this procedure 3 times to make 3 layers.
Sprinkle rock salt on top of it and cut the filling, size 1,5 x 3,3cm.
Dip in Callebaut Origine Arriba chocolate and decorate the top.