Sol - Frank Haasnoot

Banana nutmeg ganache

Cream 450 g
Banana puree 200 g
Banana liquer 10 g
Nutmeg 1,5 g
Invert sugar 90 g
Dark couverture St’ Domingue 68% 500 g
Milk couveture Elysee 36% 200 g
Butter 150 g

Preheat the cream, banana puree, banana liquer, and the Nutmeg to a cook and let it infuse for 1 hour.
Heat the cream again then add the invert sugar.
Make a ganache from chocolates and the cream.
Add the butter on room temperature and smoothen it with the mixer.

Crispy Cashew

Milk couverture Elysee 36% 30 g
Cacao butter 25 g
Cashew pate 130 g
Cashew chunks 140 g
Cronflakes 140 g
Praline Heritage 270 g
Fleur de sel 0,5 g
Black pepper 0,5 g

Mix all the ingredients add 40’C