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Eclipse - Frank Haasnoot


Biscuit duchesse

Sugar 310g
Egg white 350g
Pastry flour 200g
Starch 20g
Egg yolks 200g
Eggs 80g
Fresh mandarin zestes 20g


Whip the eggwhites and sugar till airy.
Add the eggyolks and mandarin zestes mix in slowly .
Add the flour and starch and fold in by hand.
Spread a thin layer on a silicone mat on a baking tray,and bake it for around 8 minutes on 220’c


Praline Heritage 500g
Dark couverture Mexique 66% 250g
Rice crispy 50g
Candied orange peel 50g
Salt 1g


Mix all ingredients at 40°C.

Vanilla croussiant

Butter 200g
Vanilla bean 1/2 pc
Fleur de sel 1g
Raw brown sugar 200g
Almond powder 200g
Pastry flour 200g

Melt the butter with the salt and scraped vanilla bean and let it infuse for 1 hour.
Mix the melted butter with the raw brown sugar and almond powder.
Then mix everything with the pastry flour.

Almond chocolate cake

Almond paste 200g
Butter 50g
Salt 1g
Orange zestes 8g
Cocoa powder 30g
Candied orange peel 5g

Whip the almond paste, orange peel and butter till its airy.
Mix in the cocoa powder till its smooth.
Cover the cake with the candied orange peel and put it in the oven.

Citrus Foam

Orange juice 70g
Lime juice 30g
Lemon juice 20g
Orange zest 7g
Lime zest 3g
Lemon zest 4g
Vanilla bean 1/2 pc
Cardamon powder 1g
Sugar 40g
Gelatine 2,4g
Albumine 12g
Sugar 45g

Mix the lemon juice and gelatine and let it set for 10 minutes.
Mix the large part of the sugar with the albumine.
Carmelise the small part of the sugar and add the rest of the juices and the gelatine.
Then add all the rest of the ingredients and whip till airy

Chocolate tonka Mousse

Cream 400g
Dark couverture St Dominque 70% 200g
Sugar 85g
Egg yolks 85g
Milk 175g
Gelatine 8g
Water 40g
Tonka beans 20g


Mix the water and gelatine and let it set for 10 minutes.
Cook the sugar and a little water to 120’C.
Mix the hot sugar syrup with the egg yolks and whip till airy.
Preheat the milk and tonka beans and let its infuse for a hour.
Heat the milk again and mix it with the gelatine and dark chouverture to make a ganache.
Add the ganache to the whipped eggyolks.
And fold it into the whipped cream

Cocoa glacage

Cream 204g
Water 153g
Sugar 306g
Glucose 153g
Cocoa powder 102g
Gelatine 13g
Water 68g


Mix the small part of water and gelatine and let it set for 10 minutes.
Mix and cook al ingrediënts till 105’C.
Let it cool down to 70’C and at the gelatine.

Chewy caramel

Water 44g
Vanilla bean 1
Sugar 110g
Cream 190g
Butter 50g
Milk couverture Elysee 36% 200g
Fleur de sel 3g  

Caramalise the sugar, water and vanilla.
Add the butter and cream to the boiling caramel.
Let it cool down to 50’C then melt the chocolate and mix till smooth.