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Xococo - Frank Haasnoot


Awarded Best Gastronomic Dessert

Chocolate tonka Mousse

Cream 110g
Chocolate St Dominque 70% 50g
Egg yolks 25g
Sugar 25g
Milk 45g
Gelatine 2g
Water 8g
Tonka beans 5g
Cocoa liquer17% 20g

Mix the water and gelatine and let it set for 10 minutes.
Cook the sugar and a little water to 120’C.
Mix the hot sugar syrup with the egg yolks and whip till airy.
Preheat the milk and tonka beans and let its infuse for a hour.
Heat the milk again and mix it with the gelatine and dark chouverture to make a ganache.
Add the ganache to the cocoa liquer and whipped eggyolks.
And fold it into the whipped cream

Crumble chocolate

Raw brown sugar 50g
Butter 38g
Chocolate St Dominque 70% 13g
Almond powder 50g
Pastry flour 38g
Cocoa powder 13g 

Meld the butter and the Chocolate.
Mix this with with the raw brown sugar and almond powder.
When this mixture is nice and smooth mix the cocoa powder and pastry flour till its starts to crumble

Coconut parfait

Cream 200g
Sugar 90g
Water 20g
Egg yolks 50g
Coconut puree 84g
Coconut liquer 20% 15g

Cook the water and sugar till 120’C.
Mix this with the egg yolks and whip this till its airy.
Whip the cream airy and fold in the whipped egg yolks and coconut liquer.

Chocolate Coconut shell

Chocolate Mexico 66% 200g
Oil 50g
Graded coconut 50g

Mix all ingrediënts add 40’C

Vanille merengue

250g Sugar
125g Fresh lemon juice
150g Egg white
1 pc of Vanilla bean

Heat the sugar, scraped vanilla bean and the fresh lemon juice till 120’C.
Add this to the egg white and whip it till its airy.
When airy spread it out on a baking tray and bake at 90’C for 2 hours.

Mango gel

Fresh mango puree 300g
Xantana 8g
Fresh lime juice 1 pc
Mango vinega 5g

Mix all ingrediënts with blender

Verveine infuse

Fresh pineapple juice 250g
Verveine 7g
Xantana 1g 

 Mix all in ingredients with blender

Compote mango

Passionfruit 1 pc
Mango 1 pc
Pineapple juice 100 g
Xantana 1g
Fruit peper ½g

Mix the pineapple juice with the xantana.
Cut the the mango in brunoise and burn it with the blow torch.
Mix it all in with the rest of the ingredients.