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Mistery - Yumiko Saimura


Citrus fruit ganache

Fresh cream 100 g
Peel one orange
Peel of 1 lemon
Lemon juice 8 g
Orange juice 12 g
Tahiti vanilla pod 1
Inverted sugar 15 g
Glucose 42DE 15 g
Madagascar dark chocolate 66% 87g
Arriba milk chocolate 39% 47 g
Butter paste 20 g

Bring to the boil the cream with the vanilla pod, the lemon and orange peel, filter with a tight mesh sieve. Heat the mixture at 40C and pour on the chocolate, melted at 45C, the glucose and the inverted sugar, emulsify using the hand held blender for one minute. Add the butter paste, the lemon and orange juice, emulsify for another minute, pour in a container, leave to cool down at room temperature untill a temperature of 31-32C is reached, stirring from time to time to make sure that the temperature is the same all the way through.
Pour in a pastry bag and use.


Mandarin juice 240 g
Glucose 42DE 52 g
Pectin 3 g
White cane sugar 30 g

Put the mandarin juice and the glucose in a saucepan, heat to 50C and add the pectin and the sugar, previously mixed together.
Cook at 103C, place in cooler to cool down, pour in a pastry bag and use.


Piedmont Hazelnut praline 225 g
Micryo cocoa butter 60 g

Put the praline and the micryo melted at 45C in a container. Using a spoon blend the two ingredients, then cool the mixture down to 22C on a marble surface.
Pour onto a steel square container with sides measuring 23,5cm and height of 1,4cm, which had been previously prepared with a chocolate base.


Once created the mould with the dark chocolate 811 NV 554, continue the process by adding the “citrus” ganache, the mandarin jelly and finish off with the hazelnut cremino, then seal the chocolate.