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Le Baalbeck - Damien Deslandes

Le Baalbeck

Vanilla Cuba ganache

single cream 500g
glucose 105g
Cuba 70% couverture 500g
fresh butter 70g
vanilla pods 2

Heat the single cream, glucose and vanilla to boiling.
Pour out and mix in with the dark couverture and, at 35ºC, stir in the butter in paste form.

Raspberry fruit paste

raspberry purée 340g
vanilla pod 1
orange peels 2
lemon peels 2
yellow pectin 8g
granulated sugar (1) 35g
glucose 85g
granulated sugar (2) 350g
raspberry purée 140g approx.
raspberry alcohol 15g

In a copper pan, mix the raspberry pulp with the first part of the granulated sugar and the yellow pectin, then heat it to boiling.
Add the glucose, then the second part of the sugar.
Heat to 103ºC.
Put aside in a metal bowl while the fruit paste cools down to 40 degrees. Add the rest of the purée with the alcohol.


Place a design in the mould.
Fill the mould with a Cuba 70% couverture. Trim.
Garnish with chocolate vanilla ganache.
Leave to stand for 20 minutes then add the raspberry fruit paste.
Seal the bonbon with the tempered Cuba couverture. Put in the fridge for one hour.