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L'Emir - Damien Deslandes


Traditional-style almond and hazelnut pralines

almonds 500g
hazelnuts 500g
sugar 700g
water 150g
glucose 250g
coriander seeds 40g

Roast the raw almonds and hazelnuts in the oven at 160ºC for about 20 minutes, until coloured.
Heat the granulated sugar and water to 130ºC.
Pour over the almonds and hazelnuts, dust and caramelise.
Pour onto a sheet to cool.
Crush and blend in the Robot Coupe to get a very fine powder.

Banana ganache

banana puree 220g
single cream 100g
inverted sugar 55g
36% Papuasie couverture 400g
cocoa butter 130g
fresh butter 40g
60% brown rum 20g

Heat the banana puree, single cream and inverted sugar to boiling.
Then pour in the 36% Papua couverture and cocoa butter, blend together and mix to until the texture is smooth.
Stir the butter in paste form into the mixture at 40ºC, then add the brown rum.


Brush on milk couverture and cut into 22.5 x 22.5mm squares.
Enrobe with crystallised Cuba dark couverture.
Decorate with embossed chocolate discs.