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Eclat fondant chocolaté de Byblos - Damien Deslandes

Eclat fondant chocolaté de Byblos

Soft chocolate sponge

Honey 95g
Egg yolks 110g
Egg 65g
Flour 95g
Ground almonds 45g
Powdered sugar 45g
Tanzanian chocolate 140g
Butter 140g
Egg whites 220g
Light brown sugar 55g

Whip up the honey, egg yolks, whole eggs, powdered sugar, sifted ground almonds and flour with a whisk.
Add the chocolate and the butter, melted, together, at 40°, then gently fold in the whites whipped up to peaks with the light brown sugar.
Lay out the sponge in a 60cm x 40cm x 1cm deep tin.
Bake in a closed steam convection oven at 180°C for about 12 min.

Hazelnut Gianduja soft centre

Milk hazelnut Gianduja 200g
35% dairy cream 50g

Melt the ingredients at 45°C.
Mix and pipe into flexipans shaped like a hair clip.
About 20g per piece.

Mango, banana and passion fruit brunoise

½ fresh mango
2 fresh bananas
3 fresh passion fruit
Passion fruit juice 250g
Gelatine 25g

Dice the banana and mango very finely.
Add a few passion fruit seeds to prevent darkening.
Arrange on a plate with the aid of a 3 x 10cm rectangle.

Ginger lemon sorbet

Water 630g
Trimoline (inverted sugar) 40g
Sugar 300g
Powdered glucose 150g
Sorbet stabiliser 10g
Lemon juice 500g

Boil the water with the inverted sugar, add the sugar, powdered glucose and stabiliser.
Heat the mixture to 100°C.
Pour over the lemon juice, mix, cool quickly down to 3°C. Then place in the freezer for an hour.
When the sorbet has hardened properly, put it into the Pacojet.
Make up an attractive sorbet oval to place on top of the sorbet.