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Chocolate citrus Square - Luis Robledo

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Chocolate citrus Square

Chocolate Cream

250g cream
252g milk
100g egg yolk
  40g sugar 
215g Dark Chocolate madirofolo 65%
    2g gelatine leaves 


  1. Warm up the milk and add the milk powder
  2. Add the trimoline and then the stabilizer mixed with the sugar
  3. Cook to 85ºC and add the chopped couverture and cocoa powder
  4. Let cool to 40ºc and add the butter
  5. Freeze

Marmalade orange-kalamansi

225g oranges
140g apricot pulp
140g orange juice
     2 yellow pectine 
140g sugar

Slice the oranges and blanch three times in boiling water
Add the apricot and orange juice to the orange slices and warm up to 40ºC
Mix the sugar and pectin and add it to the oranges
Bring to a boil and cook for a few minutes 
Let cool down

Chocolat ice cream

 Milk 367 g
Powder milk 21 g
Sugar 70 g
Trimoline 24 g
Stabiliser 3 g
65% chocolate Alto el Sol 42 g
Cocao powder 20 g
Butter semi salted 35 g

Mix the cream, milk, sugar and egg yolks and cook to 84ºC, add the soaked gelatine and strain over the chocolate
Emulsify and let crystallize in the refrigerator

Chocolate Biscuit

Egg white 200 g
Sugar 90 g
Egg yolk 120 g
Sugar 24 g
Butter 128 g
Chocolat origine Saint domingue 300 g


Melt the butter and chocolate
Whip the yolks and sugar. Whip the whites and sugar to soft peaks
Mix the chocolate with the yolk mixture and finish by emulsifying the soft egg whites
Pour into rings and bake at 160ºC for 7 minutes
Let cool down and unmold