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Bonbon Kalamansi Coriander - Luis Robledo

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Bonbon Kalamansi Coriander

Praliné hazelnut and coriander

Water  40 g
Sugar  225 g
Hazelnut  325 g
Coriander grains 10 g 
Couverture Ghana 40 g
Cacao butter 35 g


Cook the sugar and water to 118ºC and add the hazelnuts, cook until caramelized and add the coriander seeds
Let cool down over a silpat and grind using a food processor
Add the melted couvertures and temper to 21ºC on a marble top. Pour a 3mm layer

Ganache kalamansi

Purée de kalamansi 90 g
Liquid cream 35% fat 110 g
Glucose 40 g
Couverture Madirofolo 65% 155 g
Couverture Ghana 40.5% 150 g
Trimoline 30 g
Orange zest 10 g
Lemon zest 3 g

Warm up the cream and add the zests
Add the trimoline, glucose and the kalamansi juice 
Bring to a boil and emulsify with the chocolates
Pour a 6mm layer on top of the praline