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Nectar of fresh lime and coconut - Francisco Somoza

Nectar of fresh lime and coconut


Lime Juice 75 g
Water 100 g
Inverted sugar (tremoline) 17 g  
Glucose Syrup DE44 33 g
Sucrose 220 g
Yelllow Pectin 7 g
Citric Acid 8 g
Grated lemon Rind 4 g
Vanilla Bean ½  

Warm the Juice, water, invert sugar and vanilla.
Add the glucose when it starts boiling
Add the pectin mixed with the sugar and stir gently ensuring there are no lumps.
When it reaches 105ºC stop the cooking and add the grated lemon rind and acid dissolved at 50%. Pour into the frame quickly.


Coconut Pree 10 % sugar 280 g
Glucose syrup DE44 25 g 
Coconut powder 40 g
Blanc Satin Couverture 480 g
Cocoa Butter 75 g 

Boil group 1º and pour it over the couvertures
Temper at 27ºC and pour in to the frame over the lime mass

Cut the praline after 24 hours with the guitar slicer at 2 2 cm dip the side and base into milk chocolate