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Sylvestre - from the forest - Ryan Stevenson

Sylvestre - from the forest

Lime and cardamone Caramel

Sugar 220 g
Cream  100 g
Glucose  40 g 
Cardamone 1.2 g
Lime puree  160 g
½ Vanilla bean
Milk chocolate Arriba 212 g
Dark chocolate Madirofolo 38 g

Infuse the cardamone with the cream, vanilla and glucose for 15mins
Make a dry caramel with the sugar then add gently the infused cream followed by the lime puree
Pour over chocolate and mix well
Use at 35°C

Forest flower ganache

Cream 246 g
Glucose 12 g
Trimoline 16 g
Forest flower mix  16 g
Apricot puree 22 g 
Milk chocolate Arriba 218 g 
Dark chocolate Saint Domingo 26 g

Infuse the forest flower mix with the cream, glucose and trimoline for 20 minutes
Strain and add to abricot puree then pour over pre-warmed chocolate and mix well