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Offrande - the Offering - Ryan Stevenson

Offrande - the Offering


Ground hazelnuts 95 g 
Sugar 95 g
Flour 84 g 
Butter 76 g 
Fine salt 3 g
Orange zest 4 g
Vanilla ½

Mix all together and place in freezer until frozen
Grate onto silplat mat and bake at 150°C for 20 minutes

Cremeux blood orange

Milk 22 g
Blood orange puree 168 g
Orange zest 4 g 
Egg yolks 60 g
Sugar 50 g
Butter 75 g
Gelatine leaves 3 g

Boil the orange puree with the orange zest then pour over egg yolks already mixed with the sugar and milk
Cook to 85°C, add the gelatine already softened and cool
Add the butter at 40°C then pour into molds and freeze
Weigh 100g

Hazelnut biscuit

Hazelnut marsipan 135 g
Sugar 135 g
Egg yolks 72 g 
Eggs 112 g
Flour 72 g 
Cocoa powder 36 g
Melted butter 52 g
Egg whites 247 g 
Sugar 90 g

Mix the egg yolks and eggs with the sugar and marsipan until light
Fold in slowly the powders already sieved together followed by the melted butter
Make a meringue with the egg whites and sugar then fold the two mixtures together
Bake at 170°C for 15 minutes

Coulis blood orange

Blood orange puree  250 g
Blood orange concentrate  60 g 
Trimoline  50 g
Gelatine leaves 3

Warm the trimoline and concentrate with 50g of puree
Add the softened gelatine then the rest of the puree
Weigh at 100g per circle

Hazelnut praliné cremeux

Milk 135 g
Cream 4 g
Hazelnut paste  16 g
Hazelnut praliné 32 g
Gelatine leaves 135 g

Boil the milk and cream and add the softened gelatine
Pour over pralines and mix well
Pour into circles at 110g


Crumble 250 g
Dark chocolate 811 100 g
Hazelnut praliné 60 g
Crushed hazelnuts 52 g

Melt the chocolate and add the praliné. Mix together with the crumble then put into circles and bake at 165°C for 10mins.

Chocolate mousse 'Alto et Sol'

Milk 87 g
Cream 96 g
Glucose 92 g
Dark chocolate Alto et Sol 224 g
Dark chocolate Saint Domingo 52 g
250 Whipped cream 35% 250 g 
Egg whites 65 g
Glucose 100 g

Boil the milk, cream and glucose then add the softened gelatine
Pour over chocolates and mix well
When cooled add the whipped cream in three times then the meringue

Glaçage praliné

Cream 180 g
Gelatine leaves 3 g
Hazelnut praliné 170 g
Dark chocolate Saint Domingo 26 g
Clear nappage 560 g

Boil the cream and add the softened gelatine
Pour over praliné and chocolate and mix well
Add the nappage and mix well
Strain and use at 40°C