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Simplement Grand chocolat - Xavier Berger

Simplement Grand chocolat

Vanilla shortbread

Granulated sugar 60g
Vanilla sugar 6g
Flour 215g

Cream together butter, granulated sugar, and vanilla sugar.
Add in flour.
Spread 2 mm thickness.
Cut the shortbread into 18 cm diameter discs.
Cook at 180°C/356F.

Chocolate dacquoise chocolat with bergamot tea

Egg White 180g
Granulated sugar 45g
TPT white 360g
Starch 18g
Cacao powder 18g
Toasted crushed almonds 36g
Bergamot tea 70g

Infuse tea in egg whites overnight.
Strain egg whites through a chinois.
Beat the egg whites with sugar.
Add in sifted TPT, starch and cocoa powder.
Finish with the almonds.
Spread in molds 18 cm diameter.
Cook at 190°C/374F.

Chocolate Crémeux Alto el Sol

Milk 110g
Cream 35% MG 110g
egg yolk 80g
Granulated sugar 45g
Alto el Sol 145g

Cook milk, cream, egg yolks and sugar to an anglaise (85C/185F).
Pour over the chocolate. Mix.
Pour into circles of 8 cm diameter, weight needs to be 200g.
Store to -20°C.

Mousse chocolat Alto el sol

Granulated sugar 126g
Dextrose 40g
Water 36g
Glucose DE40 18g
Egg yolk 108g
Whole Eggs 162g
Alto el sol 346g
Cacao paste 85g
Lecithin soya 3g
Whipped cream 561g

Heat sugar, water, dextrose and glucose to 121°C/250F.
Pour over egg yolks and whole eggs while whisking to create pâte à bombe.
Continue to whisk to cool.
Incorporate couverture chocolate, cocao paste and lécithin previously melted in the whipped cream.
Finish with the pâte à bombe.
Use immediately.

Glaçage chocolat Alto el Sol

Water 225g
Sugar 450g
Glucose DE40 450g
Sweetened condensed milk 300g
Powdered Gelatine 30g
Water 180g
Alto el Sol 400g
Cacao paste 50g
Red food color 3g

Heat water, sugar, and glucose to 103°C/217F; add condensed milk followed by the hydrated gelatin (or gelatin mass).
Pour over chocolate.
Add red color. Mix.
Use at 35°C/95F.


Place shortbread base in bottom of 20 cm diameter round mold.
Cover shortbread with the mousse Alto el Sol.
Insert the dacquoise.
Top with Cremeux Alto el Sol.
Finish with the Alto el Sol mousse.
Freeze. Decorate.