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Voyage Azteque - Xavier Berger

Voyage Azteque

Fruit jelly

Orange puree 250g
Mango puree 105g
Lime puree 5g
Granulated sugar 70g
NH pectin 5g

Boil all together for 45 sec.
Spread out in a 3mm mould.

Chocolate sablé biscuits

Butter 150g
Vanilla sugar 66g
Flour 190g
Starch 10g
Cocoa powder 10g

Cream the butter and the sugar.
Stir in the flour, starch and cocoa powder.
Roll out to a thickness of 2mm.
Bake for 8 min at 140°C.

Chocolate cream

Milk 110g
Cream 110g
Egg yolks 80g
Granulated sugar 45g
Alto el Sol 145g

Make up a light custard.
Pour over the chocolate.
Mix together.

Vanilla cream

Milk 150g
Sugar 35g
Egg yolks 40g
Custard powder 10g
Butter 40g
Liquid vanilla 5g

Make up a confectioner’s cream.
Add the butter.
Mix together and store.

Chocolate cake

Almond paste 130g
Egg yolk 90g
Egg 50g
Granulated sugar 40g
Egg white 120g
Powdered sugar 50g
Passy 30g
Butter 45g
Flour 45g
Cocoa powder 120g

Mix the almond paste, egg yolk, eggs and granulated sugar in a blender.
Whip up the whites and fold them into the previous mixture.
Add the couverture and the butter.
Complete with the flour and cocoa powder.
Pour into a mould.
Bake for 12 min. at 160°C.
Set aside.

Chocolate tuile

DE40 glucose 75g
Fondant 120g
845 milk couverture chocolate 75g

Make a caramel with the glucose and the fondant.
Add the milk couverture chocolate and run over a Silpat baking mat.
Allow to cool. Mix.
Sift over a stencil with 25cm by 1.5cm rectangles.
Bake for a few minutes at 220°C.
Form pyramids with the aid of a dog-tooth mould.


Put the fruit jelly in the centre of the plate.
Lay down a bed of chocolate sablés.
Pipe chocolate cream around the sablés.
Decorate with the vanilla cream.
Place the chocolate cake on top.
Then decorate the cake with the chocolate cream by piping it through a nozzle.
Place the chocolate biscuits on top.
Decorate. Serve.