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Alliance - Xavier Berger


Bergamot ganache

35% fat content single cream 650g
sorbitol 200g
dextrose 200g
70.30.42 915g
cocoa paste 185g
DE60 glucose 90g
clarified butter 220g
bergamot tea 100g

The day before, infuse the tea in the cream.
The next day, heat the cream and tea to about 50°C.
Pass the cream though a fine sieve and mix with the sorbitol and the dextrose.
Pour over the cocoa paste and the couverture.
Add the glucose and the butter.

Almond paste

43% nut almond paste 1kg
candied orange peel 430g

Candy the peel.
Mix the almond paste and the peel in the Robot Coupe.
Put aside.
Make up small fingers 26cm long and 5mm in diameter.


Pour out the bergamot ganache to a depth of 6mm.
Following a guide, insert the fingers of almond paste.
To finish off, pour ganache over it to a depth of 6mm.
Leave to crystallise.
Brush on a thin layer of chocolate then cut up in the desired format.
Enrobe with

Passy couverture chocolate