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The Transformation of the Cocoa Bean by Chantico - Jana Ristau

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The Transformation of the Cocoa Bean by Chantico

Spice Brownie

Couverture Saint Domingo, 70% 49 g
Butter 77 g
Chilli powder 0.3 g 
Cinnamon  1.2 g
Sugar 98 g
Whole egg  65 g
Pecans 32 g
Flour 53 g

Melt butter wirth chocolate and spices . Mix egg with sugar and stir in the chocolate mixture.
Mix flour with the nuts and add to the chocolate-egg mixture Fill into the desired mould and bake at 180 ° C. Completely cool and put in the desired frame.

Chocolate Mousse

Couverture 65% Madagascar 159 g
Cream 140 g
Caster sugar 10 g
Whipped cream 210 g

Bring cream and sugar to 60°C. Emulsify with the chocolate coating.
Let cool to 35 ° C, then fold in the whipped cream. Pour on top oft he brwonie an cool.

Caramel mass for the dry caramel

Sugar 75 g
Glucose 50 g 
Cream double 100 g
Butter 20 g

Caramelize the sugar with the glucose, add the cream and wait until the caramel has completely dissolved.Stir in the butter.

Dry Caramel

Caramel mass 70 g
Maltodextrin 22 g

Blend Caramel mass with Maltodexdrin until it is getting dry“.

Sorbet of sapotilla

Sapotillapuree 500g
Dextrose 50g
Sugar 125g
Water 325g
Tamarind puree 50g

Heat water and sugars until it has completely dissolved.
The mix remaining ingredients and pour into 2 pacojet-beaker
Freeze at -22°C before processing. Pacotize it for use.


Sugar 100 g
Water 40 g
Egg white 50 g
Popped amaranth 20 g
Caramelised popped amaranth 20 g

Boil water and sugar at 120 ° C and prepare an italian meringue.
Take off 30g and mix with the Amaranth. With a piece of baking paper form small and thin rolls. Put in the oven at 80 ° C and dry.

Caramel sauce

Sugar 200g
Cream 100g
Salt 1.5 g
Butter 125g

Caramelize sugar until it reaches the desired brown colour, stop the cooking process by adding the hot cream. Add salt and cook at 105 ° C. Mix in the butter and let cool.

Creme Caramel

Milk 225 g C
ream 75 g
Sugar 75 g 
Vanilla pod 1/2 
Lota 1 g

Bring milk, cream and vanilla to a boil, cover and let it rest for at least 5 minutes.
Caramelize 60g of the sugar, add the cream and cook slowly until the sugar has completely dissolved. Mix with lota, fill into the desired mould, let cool.

Glastuille with cocoa bean

Fondant 150g
Glucose 100 g
Butter 10 g 
56g cocoa beans, chopped

Cook fondant, glucose and butter at 159 ° C , then add the cocoa beans. Pour the caramel onto a silpat and let completely cool. Blend until you get a fine powder. With the help of a small square pattern sieve the powder on a silpat. Melt in the oven for about 2 minutes by 180°C.

Chocolate Jelly

Milk chocolate 275g
Water 115 g
2 leaves gelatin, soaked 4g

Warm water with gelatin until dissolved. Mix homogeneously with the chocolate coating. Spread on a acetate sheet, wait until set and form a tube.

Cream of cocoabean

Cream 150g 
Milk 50g
Sugar 16 g 
Broken cocoa bean 29 g
Egg yolks 64 g
1 leaf gelatin, soaked (2g)
White chocolate 44 g

Bring cream, milk, sugar and cocoa beans to a boil and let infuse for 10 minutes.
Combine with the egg yolks and bring to 85°. Strain onto the chocolate and mix well. Fill it into the tube of chocolate jelly and freeze.


On the plate brush one stripe of caramel sauce. Cut the brownie into 3x3cm squares, sprinkle some dry caramel on top and place it on the right side of the caramel stripe. On the left side put a square (2 x 2 cm) of creme caramel. On the rear side attach the glastuille. Put a piece oft he chocolate tube in the middle. Finish the dessert by putting the sapotillasorbet with the amaranthstick on top off the brownie.