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Metate - Sylvain Bortolini


Pecan nut praline

pecan nuts 500g
sugar 500g
vanilla pod 1
water 120g

Put the pecan nuts in a copper preserving pan.
Heat the sugar with the vanilla pod to 118˚C.
Pour the sugar over the pecan nuts and dust it all over a low heat.
Melt the sugar to achieve clear caramelisation, looking inside the nuts.
Pour out onto a Silpat.
Leave it all to cool and then crush it all up to make a smooth paste.

Pecan nut praline 2

pecan nut praline 250g
melted superior milk couverture 25g
melted Mycryo butter 25g

Mix all the ingredients together and then table the praline on marble to temper it to 22˚C.
Pour the praline out into a mold.

Banana ganache

36% cream 200g
Trimoline 50g
banana purée 150g
Ghana milk couverture 225g
Guayaquil dark couverture 225g
butter 100g
sorbitol 40g
Mycryo 10g

Bring the cream, Timoline, banana purée and sorbitol to a boil.
Pour the mixture over the couvertures in a Robot Coupe.
Mix at medium speed to make a smooth, even ganache.
Add the butter in paste form.
Add the Mycryo at 34˚C.
Table the ganache at 28˚C then pour out.