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El Platano - Sylvain Bortolini

El Platano

Iranian pistachio praline

Green pistachios from Iran 250g
Granulated sugar 225g
Water 40 g
1 vanilla stick
Sorbitol 20 g
Powdered milk 20g

Put the pistachios in a copper preserving pan.
Cook the sugar at 118˚C with the vanilla stick.
Gently heat the pistachios.
Pour the cooked sugar over the pistachios.
Dust over a low heat without caramelising.
Put aside, leave to cool and crush with a serrated blade.
Crush a second time.
Add the powdered ingredients.

Pistachio crisp

Ground pistachios from Iran 100g
Sugar 100g
Water 100g

Make up syrup.
Put the ground pistachios in the water and boil them for 1 minute.
Drain and spread the pistachios over a Silpat.
Dry the pistachios in the oven at 90ºC without letting them change colour.
Leave to cool.
Crush the pistachios with a rolling pin between two sheets of paper to separate them.

Pistachio praline 2

Pistachio praline 200g
Melted Mycryo 20g
Pistachio crisp 60g

Mix everything together and table the praline on a marble top at 22˚C.

Morello cherry ganache

Morello cherry fruit paste 500g
Morello cherry purée 250g
Sorbitol 50g
Butter 50g
Superior milk couverture 213g
Fleur de Cao couverture 106g
Mycryo 10g

Deglaze the fruit paste with the morello cherry purée.
Add the sorbitol and bring to the boil.
Pour the mixture into a Robot Coupe over the chocolate.
Mix at medium speed.
Add the butter in paste form.
Add the Mycryo at 34˚C.
Table the ganache at 30˚C .

Morello cherry fruit paste

Morello cherry purée 300g
Granulated sugar 27g
Yellow pectin 6g
Powdered sugar 240g
Glucose 42g
Tartaric acid 3g
Water for the acid 3g

Heat the fruit purée to 50˚C.
Add the 27g and mix with the pectin.
Boil for two minutes.
Add the rest of the sugar and the glucose.
Cook at 76˚ Brix.
Add the tartaric acid dissolved in the water.
Mix wel.