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Tulum - Sylvain Bortolini


Mousse Ghana Fleur de Cao

Fleur of Cao 274g
Ghana 100g
Milk 250g
Gelatin Mass (1:5 ratio) 42g
Cream, lightly whipped 525g

Pour the boiling cream on the couvertures.
Add in the mixed gelatine.
Add the fleurette cream lightly whipped
Monter l'entremet.

Mousse Fleur de Cao Ghana

Fleur of Cao 137g
Ghana 50g
Milk 125g
Mix Gelatine 1/5 20g
Fleurette cream 250g

Pour the cream on the couvertures.
Add the mix gelatine.
Add the cream fleurette lightly whipped
Pour into tray of plexiglas of 16 cm.

Crémeux Chocolat

Milk 225g
Fleurette cream 75g
Egg yolk 60g
Glucose 15g
Trimoline 15g
Tanzanie 170g

Make an English custard (85˚C.) with milk, cream, egg yolks, glucose and trimoline.
Pour on to the couverture Tanzania.
Pour into trays of of 16 cm.

Ghana Caramel Glazing

Granulated sugar 1055g
Glucose 50g
Fleurette cream 891g
Mineral water 29g
Starch 39g
Gélatine or 20g
Mineral water for gelatine 100g
Ghana 580g

Make the caramel
Deglaze the warm cream
Add the starch diluted in water and bring to a boil
Add the gelatine and the chocolate, so that all the elements are at 40˚C.
Mix with the blender
Freeze imnmediately.

Crème de Kalamansi Vanille

Kalamansi puree 150g
Sugar 110g
Mix gelatine 1/5 8g
Butter 150g
Mycryo 37g
Vanilla pods of Papentla 4 pieces

Make a crème pâtissière.
Add at the end the butter, the mycryo and gelatin mix
Pour into plexiglas trays of 16 cm.

Nougatine Hazelnut

Butter 150g
Sugar 150g
Crushed hazelnuts 300g

Mix all the ingredients in order to obtain a smooth paste.
Spread between two silpats
Cut to 16 cm.
Cook at 180˚C. in Flexipan of 16 cm.

Chocolate spong cake

Eggs 315g
Almond paste 50% 320g
Butter 100g
Cacao Powder 20g
Flour T.45 40g
Baking powder 4g

Add the beaten eggs to the almond paste
Add the sifted powders
Add the melted warm butter
Spread on to a silpat
Cook to 160 ˚C.
Cut into discs of 16 cm.