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Nopaltzin - Blue Green Feather - Asgeir Sandholt

Nopaltzin - Blue Green Feather

Cactus Fruit Paste

Citrus fruit cocktail purée 330 g
Sugar 33 g
Yellow pectin 7 g
Sugar 300 g 
Glucose syrup 68 g 
Citric acid 8 g
Caramelized ginger 50 g 

Mix the pectin together with the 33g of sugar
Finely chop the caramelized ginger
Bring the citrus fruit cocktail purée to boil, together with the chopped ginger
Add the pectin – sugar mixture and stir
In four more steps, add the glucose syrup and remaining sugar
Boil to 105°C
Add the citric acid
Pour into a frame 36x36 cm

Ginger Ganache

Single cream 36% 230 g
Inverted sugar 75 g
Cacao Barry Lactée Superieure 38, 2% 600 g
Unsalted butter 120 g
Fresh ginger juice 100 g
Lemon zest 3 g

Mix the cream together with the inverted sugar and the lemon zest
Bring to a boil and remove the lemon zest
Pour the hot cream over the melted chocolate and emulsify
At 40°C add the fresh ginger juice followed by the butter
Blend well with a hand blender
Pour into the frame with the cactus fruit paste
Leave to crystallize for 48 to 72 hours

Crispy French Nougat

Lavender honey 70 g
Glucose syrup 10 g
Sugar 145 g
Glucose syrup 20 g 
Egg whites 30 g
Sugar 10 g
Sliced almonds 100 g

Cook the honey and the 10g of glucose syrup to 120°C
Separately heat the 145g of sugar with the remaining glucose to 160°C
Slightly whip the egg whites together with the remaining sugar
Add the first mixture into the egg whites, followed by the second one
Finally incorporate the almonds
Fill the nougat into a frame and leave to set
Mix in a blender to obtain small pieces


Crispy Gianduja

Cacao Barry Favorites Gianduja 450 g
Crispy French nougat 150 g

Melt and temper the gianduja
Add the French nougat bits



Once the ginger ganache has crystallized, turn the frame around and pour the crispy gianduja on the other side of the cactus fruit paste
Leave to set
Cut the filling into the wanted shape
Dip in dark chocolate type 60-40-14V-116 and decorate