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Toltec - Asgeir Sandholt


Cumqauat Chili Compote

Sliced cumquat 120 g
Sugar 20 g
Orange juice 30 g
Orange liqueur “La Belle Orange” 40 g
Sliced chili 20 g

Finely chop the cumquats and the chili
Add the sugar, orange juice and liqueur
Boil everything until caramelized, ca. 5 minutes
Leave to cool

Mexican Vanilla Caramel

Sugar 80 g
Glucose syrup 55g
Mexican vanilla bean 1
Unsalted butter 35 g
Single cream 36% 135 g
Fleur de sel 1 g
Cacao Barry Lactée Superieure 38, 2% 15 g
Cacao Barry Mexique origine rare 66% 15g 

Heat up the cream together with the glucose syrup and vanilla
Make a dry caramel with the sugar
Deglaze the caramel with the previous mixture of cream, glucose syrup and vanilla
Cook to 107°C
Emulsify with the chocolates
At 40°C, add the butter and salt
Mix everything well with a hand blender and leave to cool 

Walnut Nougatine

Sugar 75 g
NH pectin 1.5 g
65g butter 65 g
Glucose syrup 25 g 
Walnuts 90 g
Water 5 g

Combine the sugar with the pectin
Add the butter, glucose and water
Cook until it thickens
Stir in the walnuts
Spread on a baking sheet and bake until golden brown at 180°C


Spread a thin, uneven layer of dark chocolate into the moulds 
Spray bronze cocoa butter coloring over
Use standard milk chocolate to make the shells
Fill 1/3 of the shells with cumquat – chili compote
An other third with the caramel
And finally add the walnut nougatine
Close the moulds with standard milk chocolate