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Treasures of Indian land - Mariusz Buritta

Treasures of Indian land

Chocolate Sponge with Aztecs and Mayan Spices (CHIA)

Eggs 6 psc 
Granulated sugar 150 g
Wheat flour 80 g
Potato flour 40 g
Cocoa powder Extra Brute Cacao Barry 30 g
Dark chocolate Or Noir™ for SOWA 80 g
Butter 30 g
Aztecs and Mayan Spices (CHIA) 10 g
Baking powder 4 g

Beat eggs with sugar.
Combine melted chocolate with melted butter.
Bring wheat flour, potato flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together and sift.
Gently mix all the ingredients.
Bake in an oven at 180ºC for around 45 minutes.

Punch for sponge

Water 150 g
Granulated sugar 150 g
Vanilla pod 5 g
Vanilla liqueur 45 g

Boil water with sugar and vanilla pod.
Add the liqueur after cooling down.

Raspberry ganache

Cream 36% 300 g
Glucose syrup 95 g
Milk Java Origine chocolate Callebaut 210 g
Dark Mexico Origine chocolate 225 g
Butter 80 g 
Vodka 70 g 
Raspberry pulp 80 g

Boil cream with glucose syrup.
Add raspberry pulp and chocolates.
Add the butter and vodka at the end.

Crispy layer

Pailleté Feuilletine Callebaut 60 g 
Milk Java Origine chocolate 70 g
Roasted almonds 30 g
Nut paste PNP Callebaut 80 g
Dark Crispearls™ Callebaut 10 g

Melt chocolate.
Bring all ingredients together.

Dark chocolate mousse

Cream 36% 270 g 
Egg yolks 90 g
Milk Java Origine chocolate 60 g 
Dark chocolate Or Noir™ SOWA 105 g
Gelatin 6 g 
Water 15 g
Green pepper infusion 15 g

Beat the egg yolks.
Add melted chocolates and gelatin soaked in water.
Stir gradually with the whipped cream.
Mix well together.

Pistachio dacquoise with matcha tea

Egg whites 150 g
Powdered sugar 100 g
Granulated sugar 100 g
Pistachios 80 g
Green tea (Matcha) 20 g
Wheat flour 15 g

Beat whites with sugar to stiff foam.
Put powdered sugar, pistachios, flour and matcha tea together then carefully add to the beaten egg whites.
Bake in oven for 10 minutes at 180ºC and then 10 minutes at 150ºC.

Raspberry-fig jelly

Raspberry pulp 210 g
Fig pulp 60 g 
Gelatin 6 g
Water 15 g
Powdered sugar 60 g

Dissolve gelatin in the water.
Combine pulps with powdered sugar.
Mix well the ingredients.

Passion fruit-mango mousse

Egg yolks 25 g
Egg whites 25 g
Water 8 g
Granulated sugar 40 g
Mango pulp 50 g
Passion fruit pulp 35 g
Gelatin 6 g

Beat egg yolks and whites.
Infuse with the water-sugar syrup.
Add warm fruit pulps and dissolved gelatin.

Crème anglaise

Milk 3.2% 280 g
Egg yolks 80 g 
Granulated sugar 60 g
Vanilla pod 9 g

Pound egg yolks with sugar.
Boil milk, then pour over eggs.
Mix well and put back on the heat.
Beat vigorously to obtain a temperature of 85ºC.

Vanilla white Velvet chocolate mousse with Natural Vanilla

White chocolate Velvet Callebaut 130 g 
Crème anglaise 160 g
Cream 36% 315 g
Gelatine 10 g
Vanilla pod 9 g
Sugar syrup with exotic taste with 22 carat gold leaves 40 g

Melt chocolate in hot crème anglaise at 40ºC.
Gradually combine with the whipped cream and gelatin.
At the end add vanilla pod and sugar syrup.

Shiny Glaze

Cream 36% 200 g
Granulated sugar 250 g
Water 220 g
Glucose syrup 50 g G
Cocoa powder 100 g
Water 35 g
Gelatin 20 g

Bring water, cream, sugar and glucose sugar to boil.
Add cocoa powder and gelatin soaked in water.
After boiling mix carefully and sieved.


Soak the sponge with the punch.
Cover it with the raspberry ganache
Insert crispy layer ring and cover with dark Or Noir™ chocolate mousse
Insert the frozen passion fruit-mango mousse into the central part of the pastry and cover with pistachio dacquoise
Then pour over the vanilla mousse, add raspberry gel.
Freeze and coat with shiny glaze.