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Temptation of Quetzalcoatl - Mariusz Buritta

Temptation of Quetzalcoatl

Blackcurrant ganache with Velvet white chocolate

Granulated sugar 100 g
Glucose 25 g
Blackcurrant pulp 125 g 
Cream 36% 110 g
White chocolate Callebaut Velvet 200 g 
Nutmeg 4 g
Cocoa butter 30 g
Butter 40 g

Caramelize sugar.
Add warmed glucose.
Add fruit pulp and cream, while bringing to the boil.
Cool down then put together with chocolate, nutmeg and butter.


Spray moulds with Barry Glace Cacao Barry.
Cover with OrNoir™ chocolate.
Fill in with ganache, dark Crispearls and popping candy, then  leave to cool.
Close pralines and decorate.