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Jewel of the Aztecs - Mariusz Buritta

Jewel of the Aztecs

Marzipan with a hint of fresh oregano

Marzipan ‘0’ 200 g
Oregano 6 g 
French brandy (ST_REMY) 10 g

Finely chop oregano
Knead carefully chopped oregano with marzipan and brandy
Roll out between two films to thickness of about 1,5 - 2mm.

Crispy mass with ginger cookies

Ginger cookies 100 g
Java Origine Milk Chocolate Callebaut 125 g
Cocoa butter 20 g 
Pailleté Feuiletine Callebaut 80 g 
Nut paste Callebaut PNP 250 g

Mix cookies.
Melt milk chocolate and cocoa butter.
Bring all the ingredients together.

Extra brandy ganache

Cream 36% 140 g
Glucose syrup 50 g
OrNoir™ Milk Chocolate for Sowa 460 g
OrNoir™ Dark Chocolate for Sowa 200g
Butter 55 g 
Brandy 80 g

Boil cream with glucose syrup.
Melt chocolates.
Add melted chocolates, soft butter and brandy at the end.


Pour crispy mass onto the prepared marzipan layer
Leave in a cool place to harden.
Cut using guitar into equal shapes
Coat with dark tempered chocolate.
Decorate with dark chocolate element and caramelized nuts.