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Aztec - Yoshiaki Uezaki


Noisette Craquelin

Roasted Hazelnut cut in 4 80g       
Sugar 25 g                                    
Water 12.5 g                                      
Butter 7 g                                       

Make syrup with sugar and water.
Add roasted Hazelnut to caramelize.
Add butter.
Put into tray and leave it to cool.

Caramel Lavender

Milk 33g                                 
Fresh Cream 33g                
Sugar (A) 10 g                                      
Sugar (B) 40 g              
Lavender Honey 50 g *This is key ingredient of this recipe
Jozo Gourmet Salt (Crystal Freak 0.4 g
Butter 60 g                                              

Make caramel with Sugar (A).
Add Milk, Fresh Cream, Sugar (B) and Honey.
Cook until 107℃.
Add Salt and Butter.

Ganache Kalamansi

Origin Ghana 190 g             
Extra-bitter Guayaquil 62 g   
Fresh Cream 90 g                                  
Invert sugar (Trimoline) 10 g                 
Kalamansi puree 70 g                           

Melt the 2 chocolates.
Add warmed Milk and Trimoline.
Add Kalamansi Puree.
Emulsify with hand blender.

  1. Prepare Cacao Barry Extra-bitter Guayaquil for the shell.


Brush colors onto mould.
Pour Cacao Barry Extra-bitter Guayaquil to make shell.
Pipe Caramel Lavender into the mould until 1/2.
Put 3 pieces of Noisette Craquelin.
Pipe Ganache kalamansi to fill the mould.
Close the shell with Cacao Barry Extra-bitter Guayaquil.