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Code - Yoshiaki Uezaki


Pate de fruit

Fresh Raspberry 45 g
Raspberry Puree 137 g
Sugar 174 g                 
Pectin 4 g              
Glucose 48 g             
Citric acid 1.5 g
Water 1.5 g                   
Vodka 28 g             


Put Raspberry, puree, sugar, Pectin and Glucose together into sauce pan.
Boil them until 103 degree.
Add water with Citric acid and Vodka.
Spread 2mm thin.

Ganache Lychee

Cacao Barry Origin Ghana 312 g
Cacao Barry Origin Saint Domingue 98 g     
Fresh Cream 90 g                                       
Invert Sugar (Trimoline) 8.6 g                       
Lychee liqueur 100 g * This is key ingredients of this recipe.
Holunder Bluten Sirup 40 g                            


Melt the 2 chocolates.
Add warmed Cream and Trimoline.
Add Lychee liqueur and Holunder Bluten Sirup.
Emulsify with hand blender.
Spread onto the Pate de Fruit 4mm thin.

  1. Prepare Cacao Barry Lactée supérieure for enrobing


Leave the ganache overnight and cut into half.
Place the half ganache on top of the other ganache to make layers.
Cut into the size of 1.5cm x 3cm.
Dip and coat with Cacao Barry Lactee Sperieur and decorate.