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Quetzalcoatl - Veronique Rousseau


Praline crisp

Melted Alto el Sol chocolate 40g
Hazelnut & almond praline 85g
Feuilletine flakes 34g
Strudel pastry 54g

Melt the couverture at 45°C.
Mix all the ingredients together gently, then lay out 4mm deep into 7.5cm square moulds.
Leave in the fridge to set.
Turn out and coat the sides in edible gold powder.

Cocoa cappuccino sponge

Ground almonds 170g
Sugar 225g
Cocoa 50g
Flour 7g
Egg whites 280g
Sugar 125g
Egg white powder 10g

Whip up the egg whites with the sugar and egg white
Fold into the sifted dry ingredients and spread over a 6mm tin.
Bake at 180°C for about 8 minutes.
Allow to cool and place in 7cm by 2cm high moulds.
Set aside.

Yogurt and white chocolate cream

Cream 55g
White chocolate 80g
10% natural yoghurt 75g

Bring the cream to a boil.
Pour at 75°C over the chocolate and emulsify.
Add the yoghurt and emulsify once more.
Pour into moulds over cappuccino sponge and freeze.

Arriba milk mousse

Cream 50g
Milk 50g
Egg yolk 20g
Alto el Sol couverture chocolate 57g
Arriba couverture chocolate 150g
Whipped cream 175g

Bring the cream and milk to boil.
Temper with the yolks and cook at 85°C.
Pour this first mixture over the chocolates and emulsify.
Gently fold in the whipped cream.
Shape in the moulds, over the yoghurt cream.

Green apple and avocado sorbet

45ml d’eau
100g de sucre
Porter à ébullition
1 feuille de gélatine
585g de purée de pommes vertes et d’avocat

Bring the water and sugar to a boil.
Add the gelatine, mix well and allow to cool down.
Add to the green apple juice and mix with a hand blender.
Strain the mixture.
Mix and freeze in an ice cream maker or a “Pacojet” beaker
Shape the sorbet in a savarin mould and freeze.

Green apple glaze

Granulated sugar 122g
Water 100g
35% cream 100g
Cold water 17g
Cornstarch 9g
Gelatine 2g

Bring the sugar, water and cream to the boil.
Add the cold water and cornstarch after mixing.
Allow to boil for 1 minute
Add the gelatine and mix well.
Add yellow and green colouring and allow to set in the fridge.
Mix with a hand blender
Glaze the green apple sorbet

Pecan cookies

Milk 17g
Glucose 17g
Butter 40g
Sugar 50g
NH pectin 1g
Toasted sliced pecan nuts 50g
Fleur de sel 3g

Bring the milk, glucose and butter to a boil.
Add the sugar and the pectin after first mixing them together.
Boil for 30 seconds.
Add the pecan nuts and the fleur de sel.
Lay them out as small biscuits on a Silpat and place another Silpat on top.
Bake at 250°C for 45 minutes.
Allow to cool slightly and cut with a pastry cutter.

Apple chutney

Green apples, peeled and cut in brunoise (finely diced) 150g
Butter 20g
Passion fruit puree 30g
Sugar 50g
NH pectin 10g

Place the apples and the butter in a casserole and warm.
Add the sugar after first mixing it with the pectin, at 40°.
Cook the apples to the desired consistency (so that they are still slightly crisp).
Set aside and serve lukewarm.

Dark glaze

Water 125g
Sugar 350g
Glucose 100g
Cream 300g
Cocoa powder 150g
Gelatine 18g

Bring the water, sugar, glucose and cream to a boil at 102°C.
Remove from the heat and add the gelatine and the cocoa powder.
Mix with a hand blender and strain.
Pour over items at 40°C. 

Isomalt Decoration

Isomalt 150g
Black and gold colouring

Melt the isomalt over the heat until it is a clear liquid and add the colouring
Glaze and make S-shaped stems for the apple stalks.
Set aside in a dry place.


1-Smooth the praline crisp into a 4mm deep 7.5cm square, refrigerate and allow to set and cover the edge in edible gold powder.
2-In 8 small square moulds measuring 7cm by 2cm high, place the sponge and the yoghurt cream on top and allow to set.
3-Place the milk mousse over the yoghurt cream and freeze solid.
4-Divide the desserts in two diagonally (so as to make two triangles).
5-Glaze the triangles and place two triangles on the praline squares.
7-Put the desserts on a plate and pipe the chutney out between the triangles.
8-Place the pecan cookies on the dessert, followed by the green apple glazed sorbet.
9-Place the apple stalk in isomalt in the centre of the apple.