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Yucatán - Veronique Rousseau


Flourless sponge

Butter 120g
Sugar 60g
Cocoa powder 10g
Egg yolks 70g
Whole eggs 50g
Melted Alto el Sol chocolate 140g
Egg whites 70g
Sugar 70g

First whip up the butter with the 60g of sugar, the cocoa, the egg yolks and the whole eggs.
Next, whip up the whites with the sugar.
Mix the first mixture with the lukewarm melted chocolate, then gently fold in the whipped egg whites.
Cook at 180°C for about 10 minutes.

Pecan strudel

T55 flour 100g
Toasted ground pecan nuts 100g
Sugar 100g
Cold salted butter 100g

Mix all the ingredients together in the Robot Coupe to get a fine powdery consistency.
Spread out gently on a sheet.
Cook at 150° for about 25 minutes.
Set aside in a dry place.

Crispy praline

Melted Alto el Sol chocolate 45g
Almond and hazelnut praline 125g
Feuilletine flakes 50g
Strudel 80g

Melt the couverture chocolate at 45°.
Gently stir in the ingredients.
Put them in a mould or between two Silpats.
Cool and demould or cut out the first 5cm wider than your dessert and the second 1cm wider.
Place the two pieces on top of one another in the form of steps.

Raspberry coulis

Raspberry purée 200g
Inverted sugar 66g
NH pectin 5g
Sugar 66g

Heat the purée and 66g of sugar to 50°.
Stir in the rest of the sugar after first mixing it with the pectin.
Bring to the boil for 20 seconds.
Pour into the mould over the flourless sponge.
Leave to set.

Passion fruit cream

Passion fruit purée 125g
Sugar 75g
Eggs 75g
Egg yolks 60g
gelatine 1g
Butter 50g
Mycryo butter 25g

Whiten the whole eggs and yolks with the sugar.
Heat the egg mixture with the purée to 85°.
Pour over the two butters at 35°C. Emulsify.
Pour the mixture into tins and freeze.
Demould gently.

Alto El Sol Mousse

Alto el Sol chocolate melted at 45° 135g
Butter 20g
Water 50g
Sugar 120g
Egg whites 150g
35% semi-whipped cream 250g

Melt the chocolate and the butter at 45°.
Add the cocoa and put aside in a warm place.
Boil the water and the sugar at 117°C and poach the whites, then whip until semi-firm.
Add gently to the chocolate.
Add the semi-whipped cream.
Fill the moulds and freeze.

Dark glaze

Water 125g
Sugar 350g
Glucose 100g
Cream 300g
Cocoa 150g
Gelatine 18g

Bring the water, sugar, glucose and cream to the boil at 102°C.
Remove from the heat and add the gelatine and the cocoa powder.
Mix with the hand blender and sift.
Pour over the preparations at 40°C.

Raspberry and passion fruit jelly for decoration

Raspberry or passion fruit puree 150g
Lime juice 10g
Granulated sugar 25g
Agar 2g

Heat the puree and the lime juice to 40°C.
Add the sugar and the agar after mixing them together and bring to the boil for 1 minute.
Pour into the shapes or between two Silpats and allow to set
Demould or cut with a pastry cutter.


1-Place sponge in the bottom of four small tins (5.5cm wide by 2.5cm high by 27cm long).
2-Pour the raspberry coulis and let it set.
3-Pour the passion fruit cream over the raspberry coulis and freeze.
4-Demould the inserts of the raspberry passion fruit
5-Place each insert over the other.
6-Put them into a larger mould (7cm wide by 5.5cm high by 28cm long).
7-Fill up the large moulds with Alto el Sol chocolate mousse and freeze.
8-Once frozen, remove from the mould and glaze with the dark glaze.
9-Decorate with the raspberry and passion fruit jellies and a few chocolate straws.