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Itzá - Veronique Rousseau

Praline pistachio paste

sugar 100g
water 30g
pistachios (toasted at 150°C for about 10 minutes) 100g

Heat the water and sugar to 175°C and stir in the toasted pistachios.
Spread out over a Silpat mat or baking paper.
Allow to cool completely.
Blend to a fine consistency in a Robot Coupe or Thermomix.

Pistachio praline chocolate

tempered cocoa butter 24g
tempered Blanc Satin chocolate 33g
pistachio praline 150g
unsalted butter 6g
fine feuilletine flakes 37g
toasted pistachios, finely ground 37g

Mix the cocoa butter and the tempered Blanc Satin chocolate.
Add the pistachio paste and the butter.
Once it is evenly mixed, add the feuilletine flakes and the pistachio.

Lychee ganache

sugar 16g
glucose 16g
unsalted butter 16g
cream 160g
Ghana milk chocolate 160g
Soho lychee liqueur 30g

Cook the sugar and glucose until they colour slightly.
Add the butter and the boiled cream.
Bring to a boil.
Allow to cool down to 80°, then pour over the chocolate.


Spray the magnetic moulds (25mm diameter by 5mm high) with a fine layer of liquid couverture.
Garnish with a third pistachio praline.
Add the remaining two thirds of the lychee ganache.
Leave to crystallise for 12 hours before enrobing in Guayaquil dark couverture.