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Chimalman - Veronique Rousseau


Raspberry preserve

raspberry puree 50g
yellow ribbon pectin 50g
sugar 3g
isomalt 25g
sugar 25g
DE40 glucose 15g
tartaric acid solution 1g

Warm the raspberry puree to 40°C.
Mix the pectin and sugar together and then drizzle them over the raspberry.
Heat gently while stirring continuously until it is a clear liquid.
Add the isomalt, sugar and glucose and boil for one minute.
Stop cooking with the tartaric acid solution.
Leave to set.

Balsamic ganache

35% cream 75g
sorbitol powder 6g
dextrose 3g
Arriba 39% milk couverture 100g
63DE glucose 12g
butter 24g
15 year-old balsamic vinegar 24g

Heat the cream, sorbitol and dextrose to a clear liquid and allow the temperature to go down to 80°C.
Pour in the milk chocolate and emulsify.
Add the glucose, butter and vinegar and emulsify once more.


Brush the moulds with Guayaquil dark couverture.
Garnish with one third raspberry preserve and two thirds balsamic ganache.
Leave to crystallise for 12 hours and seal with dark couverture.