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Nordic Passion - Palle Sørensen

Nordic Passion

Vanilla caramel

Sugar 50 g
Cream 32,8 g
Vanilla 0,4 pod
Unsalted butter 14 g
Crushed salt 0.2 g

Melt sugar until golden brown and add cream, vanilla, and salt. Cool off the mixture some and put butter on top. After cooling off completely stir together.

Sesame crunch

Sugar 35 g
Glucose 8.5 g
Roasted sesame seeds 5 g
Salt 0.5 g


Sesame crunch 49 g
Hazel nut praline 50 g
Arriba - milk 39% 47.8 g

Cook sugar and glucose until brown and add roasted sesame seeds. Pour the mixture onto a rubber pad and add salt. Cool and blend the mixture. Mix sesame, hazel nut praline, and Arriba (room temperature) and roll to 2 mm thickness. Use a template to cut into shape.

Buckthorn ganache

cream 22,22 g
glucose 25,4 g
puré of buckthorn 15,87 g
salted butter 9,5 g
811 NV 14 g
Tanzanie 75% 33 g

Heat cream, glucose, and buckthorn until boiling and add the chocolate. Make an emulsion with a blender. At 35 °C add butter.


To create the surface inspired from rocks, spray the shape and some plastic with cocoa butter and then afterwards sprinkle with black, grey and white cocoa butter. At the end spray it once again with the grey cocoa butter. Mold the shell from Saint-Domingue chocolate (70%) (Cacao Barry). Fill in the vanilla caramel followed by the sesame crunch. Then fill in the buckthorn ganache and finish with the Saint-Domingue chocolate and place the plastic with the sprinkled cocoa butter on top to create a beautiful bottom of the molded chocolate.