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Ferocity - Palle Sørensen



White chocolate Blanc Satin 29,2 % 200 g
Coconut (roasted) 16 g
Blended peanuts 16 g
Hazelnut praline (49,5% hazelnut, PRA-CLAS) 35 g
Avocado oil 9 g
Crushed salt 0,3 g

Melt the chocolate and add the coconut, peanuts, hazelnut praline, avocado oil, and salt.
Fill the mixture in a frame (approx. 30 by 22 cm).

Ginger ganache

Cream 112,5 g
Inverted sugar 39,6 g
Arriba - Milk 39% 285 g
Saint Domingue 70% 26,25 g
Butter 63,75 g
Lemon peel 2,25 g
Ginger juice 29,63 g

Heat cream with inverted sugar and lemon peel. Remove the peel and mix in chocolate. When the temperature reaches 35 °C add butter and ginger juice. Make an emulsion with a mixer and pour the mix into the tray on top of the base, where it should be left to settle for 2-3 days at 10-14 °C.

Lemon conserve

Citrus juice 160 g + peel Approx. 1 lemon and 1 lime
Water 50 g
Sugar 175 g
Pectin 5,5 g

Let citrus juice and peel, water, sugar and pectin boil until it reaches 102-105 °C. Pour the mixture on top of the two previous layers in the frame and cool off while stirring lightly in the surface.


Divide into pralines of 2,2 by 2,2 cm and dip them carefully in Saint Domingue chocolate.

Push gently down with a piece of 3D-plastic, remove the plastic and decorate with a cocoa bean on top.