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Crispy Adventure - Palle Sørensen

Crispy Adventure


Saint-Domingue 70 % 18,7 g
Organic butter 33,7 g
Yolks 12,5 g
Brown sugar 23,3 g
Sugar 15,9 g
Flour 8 g
Cocoa 2,5 g
Brazil nuts 35 g
Whipped egg whites 19 g

Combine the butter and the Saint-Domingue and melt the mixture. Add the yolks, the brown sugar and the regular sugar. Then add the siftet flour, chopped Brazil nuts and cocoa. Gently fold in the whipped egg whites. Bake the crust in an edge plate at 185-190 C for 16-18 minutes.

The ganache

Fresh cream 76 g
Invert sugar 20 g
Glucose 32 g
Tanzanie 75% 89 g
Butter 16 g

Mix the organic cream, invert sugar and glucose. Heat until the temperature is 100 C. Then you add the chopped chocolate and make an emulsion with a hand blender. You add the softened butter when the temperature is 30C

crust II

Organic sugar 22 g
Brazil nut flour 23 g
Organic flour 7 g
Cocoa 5 g
Organic egg whites 17 g
Organic cream 6 g


Organic egg whites 44 g
Icing sugar 22,5 g
Dried egg whites 1,5 g
Caramelised Brazil nuts 15 g

Gently whip together with a spatula: organic sugar, brazil nut flour, organic flour, cocoa, organic egg whites, organic cream.

Whip the egg whites with icing sugar and the dried whites. Gently fold the egg whites in the rest of the dough. Sprinkle with caramelized Brazil nuts. Bake the crust at 195 C for 9 minutes.

The Avocado Fromage

Organic cream 14 g
Glucose 7,5 g
Organic lemon 15 g
Avocado 30 g
Vanilla pod 1/8
Isinglass 0,6 leaves
Gently whipped organic cream 60 g
salt 0.3 g
freshly ground pepper

Combine the vanilla, the glucose and the organic cream and heat the mixture until it boils. Add the isinglass. Blend the avocado, the lemon juice and then combine it with the cream. Add the gently whipped organic cream. Add salt and pepper.

Sesame crunch

35 g sugar
8.5 g glucose
5 g roasted sesame seeds
0.5 g salt


49 g sesame crunch
50 g hazel nut praline
47.8 g Arriba - Milk (39%) (Callebaut)

Cook sugar and glucose until brown and add roasted sesame seeds. Pour the mixture onto a rubber pad and add salt. Cool and blend the mixture. Mix sesame, hazel nut praline, and Arriba (room temperature) and roll to 2 mm thickness.

Basic crème for the mousse

Organic whole milk 155 g
Organic cream 155 g
Organic sugar 30 g
Organic yolks 75 g

Mix all the ingredients and heat while stirring until the temperature is 72 ˚ C.

The Madagascar mousse

Basic crème 315 g
Organic whipped Cream 415 g
Isinglass 3,2 leaves
Madagascar 67 % 180 g
crushed salt 1,3 g

Add the isinglass to the warm basic cream. Then you add the dark chocolate. At 30 ˚ C – 32 ˚ C you gently fold in the whipped cream.

The Arriba mousse

Basic cream 100 g
Organic whipped Cream 150 g
Isinglass 1,4 leaves
Arriba - Milk 39% 90 g
Gianduja 20 g
Brazil nuts 20 g

Add the isinglass to the warm basic cream. Then you add the melted Arriba and the Gianduja. At 30 ˚C – 32 ˚C you gently fold in the whipped cream and then you add the caramelised Brazil nuts.

The glaze for the pastry

Whole milk 200 g
Sugar 240 g
Cocoa 60 g
Gianduja 60 g
Tanzanie 75% 120 g
Isinglass 5 leaves
Miroira 190 g
Water 60 g
Salt 1,2 g

Heat the whole milk with the sugar till 105 ˚ C. Add the cocoa, the isinglass, the chocolate and the Gianduja. Then you blend it. You mix the Miroira and water and then you gently add it to the mixture. Leave it for 24 hours and then reheat it until 33 ˚C –  35 ˚C. Cover the frozen cake.

Decoration: White chocolate lava

Crushed ice
White chocolate Blanc Satin 29,2%


When the chocolate reaches 30 ˚C press crushed ice into it. Subsequently spray with white cocoa butter.

Decoration: Black chocolate angle

Dark Chocolate
Black cocoa butter

Create an angle in almost the lenght of the pastry and with a width of 2,5 cm, and spray with black cocoa butter.