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Cocoa flower - Seung Yun Lee

Cocoa flower

Caramelised Pate Sable

Caster Sugar 55 g
Butter 58 g
Almond Powder 58 g
Flour 73 g
Pinch Salt

Dry caramelise the sugar, pour onto greaseproof paper to cool. Process caramel to a fine powder. Combine butter, flour, almond powder, caramelised sugar and salt in a mixer and mix to combine. Refrigerate to set. Bake at 160c.

. Orange Chocolate Cream

Fresh Cream 35% fat 166 g
1ea Orange Zest
Callebaut Arriba 39% Origin 191 g
Grand Marnier 2 g

Boiled cream with orange zest.
Sieve through to the Arriba milk chocolate.
Add Grand marnier.

Mandarin Jelly

Boiron Mandarin Puree 150 g
Invert Sugar 25 g
Sugar 25 g
Gelatine 4 g
Mandarin Concentrate 23 g

Mix the puree and concentrate with the invert sugar and sugar. Heat only enough to dissolve the sugar. Add the pre-soaked, melted gelatine.

. Caramel

Caster Sugar 175 g
Bulla Thickened Cream 35% fat (weigh in glass bowl) 75 g
Liquid Glucose 75 g
Unsalted Butter 125 g
Salt 1 g

Choose a large saucepan and warm the pan then melt the sugar one third at a time until each application is completely dissolved and caramelized then add the next lot of sugar.
Until all the sugar is completely dissolved and a golden brown colour.
Boil the cream at the same time so it is added whilst hot.
Add the boiled cream carefully on a slow heat, once all the cream is added remove from the heat. Still stirring add the butter and salt then mix through the glucose.

Kalamansi Foam

Sugar 50 g
Invert sugar 50 g
Kalamansi puree 100 g
Emulate powder 1.5 g
Gelatine 0.5 g

Heat the puree, invert sugar and sugar together. Combine the bloomed gelatine with the sugar mixture.

Chocolate Glaze

Glucose 100 g
Caster Sugar 360 g
Water 300 g
Neutral Glaze 315 g
Cocoa Powder 200 g
Gelatine 25 g

Boil the water, glucose and sugar then add the cocoa powder and neutral glaze and re-boil. Blend and add softened gelatine then strain.

Crème Fraiche Mousse

Crème Fraiche 183 g
Orange zest 1
Caster sugar 47 g
Cream 35% fat 120 g
Pouring cream 67 g

Place the pouring cream, sugar and orange zest on the heat to boil. Remove from the heat and cool slightly. Combine the Crème fraiche and whipped cream and fold into the boiled cream mixture.



Freeze dried mandarin, roasted nibs, candied rosella flower and fresh basil to decorate.