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The gift, Cacao - Seung Yun Lee

The gift, Cacao

Chocolate Sponge

Egg Yolks 142 g
Caster Sugar 120 g
Callebaut Cocoa Powder 48 g
Plain Flour 68 g 
Butter 48 g
Egg Whites 138 g
Caster Sugar 28 g
Pinch Cream of tarter

Sieve Cocoa powder and flour.
Mix egg yolks and caster sugar
Make stiff peak meringue with egg white, sugar and pinch of cream of tartar.
Mix the egg yolk mixture and dry ingredients and then mix meringue.
Pour in flexpan 1cm high.
Bake 10mins at 170 ̊C.

Cocoa Nibs Sable

Butter 160g
Icing Sugar 165g
Egg Yolks 15g
Flour 230g
Callebaut Cocoa Powder 40g
Baking Powder 10g
Callebaut Cocoa Nibs 30g
Salt 2g
Callebaut Mycryo

Beat softened butter with Icing sugar and salt.
Once light add egg yolks, and then add flour, cocoa powder and baking powder.
Once mixed add cocoa nibs.
Bake at 170°C for approximately 10 minutes.
Once baked sieve some Mycryo on the top.

Pineapple with Spice

Pineapple (chopped) 1
Orange 1
Brown Sugar 150 g 
Mambo Rum 25 g
Vanilla Bean 1
Cinnamon sticks 1
Star Anise 1

Mix everything together on the saucepan and cook until golden brown.

Milk Chocolate Orange Cream

Fresh Cream 35% fat 332 g
Orange Zest 1
Callebaut Arriba 39% Origin 382 g
Grand Marnier 5 g

Boil the cream and orange zest then pour over the milk chocolate.
Whisk and once all the chocolate is melted add Grand Marnier.

Aztec Hot Chocolate Jelly

Callebaut Cocoa Powder 40 g
Water 550 g
Cinnamon sticks 3
Honey 240 g
Agar Agar Strips 4 g
Butter Scotch 40 g

Infuse cinnamon sticks in water. Seive the infusion and adjust 550g water. Boil all together except the butter scotch until Agar Agar strips melted. Sieve and add Butter scotch.
Pour onto the flexpan and put it in the freezer.

Clear Glaze

Mirror glaze 500 g
Neutral glaze 180 g 
Water 200 g

Boil Neutral glaze and water, pour onto Mirror glaze. Use at 35°C to 40°C.

Grand Marnier Syrup

Water 50g  
Caster Sugar 50g
Grand Marnier 10g

Boil the water and sugar and then add the Grand Marnier.

Milk Chocolate Mousse

Crème Anglaise
Whole Milk 167g
Cream, 35% fat 167g
Caster Sugar 33g
Egg Yolks 67g 

Crème Anglaise 300g
Cream, 35% fat 450g
Callebaut Arriba 39% Origin 550g

Crème Anglaise
Boil together the milk and cream, then pour over the egg yolks previously combined with the sugar. Heat to 800C. Strain.

Combine the melted chocolate with the warm crème angalise. The temperature of the mixture should be 40-450C. Combine the chocolate mixture with the whipped cream.

Crunch Pecan

Pecan Nut 175g
Granulated Sugar 175g
Water 125g 

Boil the sugar and water, add the chopped pecans, mix, boil for a further 3 mins. Strain the mixture to remove excess sugar syrup. Spread pecans onto a silpat mat and bake at 160°C for 20mins or until dried out and slightly toasted.

Vanilla Caramel

Caster Sugar 368g
Sorbitol Powder 25g 
Glucose 68g
Bulla Thickened Cream 35% Fat 268g
2 Vanilla Beans
Milk 185g
Sodium Bicarbonate 1g
Salt 3g 
Butter 318g 

Combine cream and milk in a small saucepan and bring to the boil. Add the sorbitol powder to a saucepan and heat to melt. Add the sugar to the sorbitol in three additions, whisking, and cook to a very light caramel. Add the cut vanilla bean followed by the warm cream mixture and whisk to combine. Remove the vanilla bean and continue to boil, whisking, then add the glucose. Continue to whisk over a medium heat then add the butter, salt and finally add the bi-carb and continue to cook to 1180C.


Prepare 16cm x 3.5cm high ring by placing and acetate strip around inside the ring. Add the layer of cocoa nib sable, vanilla caramel, crunch pecan, pineapple, milk chocolate orange cream, aztec hot chocolate jelly, milk chocolate orange cream and then chocolate sponge with grand manier syrup. freez it.

Prepare 18cm x 4.5cm high cake ring with acetate strip around the inside of the ring and pour 370g of milk chocolate mousse, and then place above 16cm insert unside down. freeze it.

Remove from the ring and glaze it.