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Quetzalcoatl's breath - Seung Yun Lee

Quetzalcoatl's breath

Nibs and Spice Praline

Roasted Almonds 125g
Cacao Nibs 62g 
Sugar 218g
1 Vanilla Bean
Coriander Seeds 8g
Salt 1 g
Water 8g 

Caramelize the sugar with water and then mix the nibs, Almonds, Coriander Seeds, vanilla beans and salt through.
Spread on a Silpat mat and let it cool down,
Break the pieces and put it in the Robot coupe, make a praline.
Spread 2mm high in a plastic frame.

Tequila Sugar Crust

Caster Sugar 250g
Water 100 g
Tequila 75 g

Prepare starch in trays by heating, press into the starch with prepared moulds and continue to keep warm until needed. Boil sugar and water to 116°C. Warm up a stainless steel bowl and pour the sugar mixture into it then pour the alcohol into the warm saucepan, then the alcohol over the sugar. Then pour this mixture back into the saucepan and repeat the process back and forth three times. Then pour it into the depositor and fill the starch moulds. Cover the liqueur with sifted starch leave for three hours then cover with a lid and flip the tray over leave for at least another three hours. Brush the excess starch off.

Lemon Ganache

Fresh Cream 35% fat 127 g
Butter 9 g
Liquid Glucose 12 g
Sorbitol Liquid  6 g
Callebaut Madagascar 67% Origin 42 g 
Cacao Barry Ghana 40% Origin 337 g
Lemon Juice (puree) 55 g
Lemon Zest (5 Lemons) 6 g

Boil the cream with the glucose and the sorbitol.
Pour the hot cream on the half melted dark and milk couverture.
Mix to obtain a nice emulsion.
Heat the lemon juice and zest to 40°C and strain through a fine chinois.
Add the juice a little at a time to the ganache.
Add the butter at 38°C.
Pour onto the 3x3mm high Plastic frame onto the Nibs praline.


Dip it in Cacao Barry Extra bitter Guayaquil.