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Quetzalcoatl’s Eye - Claudia Schmid

Quetzalcoatl’s Eye

Kalamansi Caramel

Sugar 185g
Glucose 60g
Water 50g
Butter 40g
Kalamansi juice 140g
Vanilla bean 1 Pc
Carma white Swiss Line 100g

Bring the sugar, glucose and water to the boil, scrape the edges, boil until a caramel is formed. Add the butter and at approximately 40°C add the Kalamansi juice slowly, then heat to 110°C. Add the white couverture, then mix, and allow to cool.

Coconut Ganache

Coconut pulp 165g
Glucose 10g
Carma Claire 150g
Carme Origine rare Madagascar 70g

Heat the coconut pulp and glucose in the Thermomix at 60°C, add couverture drops, then mix slowly for about 6 minutes. Keep rim clean. Allow to cool


Spray the moulds with golden and shimmering pearl cocoa butter and coat with the couverture “Guayaquil 64%”. Fill with Kalamansi Caramel, then cover with the ganache. Let it cool down and close with a mixture of chocolate and feuilletine flakes.